Megan Skalbeck

Megan has been following the world of AI since the initial GPT release in 2018. As Head of AI Projects at Verblio, she's responsible for figuring out the best ways to blend the capabilities of artificial intelligence with the quality of our human freelance writers. When she's not doing tech things, she's making music, writing existentialist fiction, or getting reckless on two wheels.

The Mountain of Meh and the Future of B2B with Doug Kessler

By Megan Skalbeck / March 2, 2022

???? Episode 97 of Yes, and Marketing You have to admire someone who isn’t afraid to go against the grain. On this episode, expect a heavy dose of contrarian (and…

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Gary Swart on the Evolution of Marketplaces and the Future of Work

By Megan Skalbeck / January 12, 2022

Episode 90 of Yes, and Marketing Gary Swart was formerly the CEO of oDesk and led the company through its merger with eLance to become UpWork, the world’s largest online…

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Strategies for a Changing Marketing Landscape with George Raptis and Emily Bibb

By Megan Skalbeck / December 29, 2021

Episode 88 of Yes, and Marketing What would you learn if you spent your time connecting marketing agencies with in-house marketers all over the world? We got to find out….

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Streamlined Storytelling and Extreme Stunts with Director Nick Schrunk

By Megan Skalbeck / December 8, 2021

???? Episode 86 of Yes, and Marketing Nick Schrunk has been creating and capturing extreme stunts and adventures for Red Bull for over a decade, including promos for brands like…

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Lessons from Rock Stars and Trade Shows with Alex Ordoñez

By Megan Skalbeck / December 1, 2021

???? Episode 85 of Yes, and Marketing You can probably name a handful of rockstar marketers. But how about marketers of actual rockstars? Alex Ordoñez is a music industry marketer…

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Content as a Career and the Future of Communities with Superpath’s Jimmy Daly

By Megan Skalbeck / November 24, 2021

Episode 84 of Yes, and Marketing What’s the fastest way to get a content marketer to pay attention to sales? Make him run the sales team. That’s what Animalz did…

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