Megan Skalbeck

Megan has been following the world of AI since the initial GPT release in 2018. As Head of AI Projects at Verblio, she's responsible for figuring out the best ways to blend the capabilities of artificial intelligence with the quality of our human freelance writers. When she's not doing tech things, she's making music, writing existentialist fiction, or getting reckless on two wheels.

EQ, Emails, and Curiosity as a Superpower with Kait Creamer

By Megan Skalbeck / November 17, 2021

Episode 83 of Yes, and Marketing Innovation doesn’t come from following best practices—especially in marketing. But we’re not the only ones who think so: Kait Creamer is an award-winning email…

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Churn, Demand, and the Email to Send if You’re Raising Prices with Patrick Campbell

By Megan Skalbeck / November 3, 2021

???? Episode 81 of Yes, and Marketing Few areas of marketing are more critical to success than pricing, so it’s truly shocking how few true pricing experts exist. (And how…

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Getting Testimonials Sucks. But It’s Easy If You’re Brittnee Spears

By Megan Skalbeck / October 29, 2021

Here’s an all-too-familiar scene: You’re a marketer. Your CEO walks into your office. “Why don’t we have more reviews, dammit?” You try to tell them it isn’t that easy, that…

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In-Line Editing for Everyone!

By Megan Skalbeck / June 11, 2021

Since the beginning of time (or at least the beginning of Verblio), agencies have loved our white label feature. There was one major area for improvement, though, and last month,…

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Introducing: Yes, And Marketing

By Megan Skalbeck / April 19, 2021

Verblio’s podcast has a new look, name, and mascot. Please welcome… (underwater drumroll in space): Rebranding is Demanding While “The Verblio Show” was a great name for getting the podcast…

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Copymatic Review: How it works

By Megan Skalbeck / December 15, 2015

Copymatic is currently the best AI writing tool for low-volume users. If you want ongoing writing help from an AI tool but don’t intend to use it a lot, their…

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