Megan Skalbeck

In-Line Editing for Everyone!

By Megan Skalbeck / June 11, 2021 / Comments Off on In-Line Editing for Everyone!

Since the beginning of time (or at least the beginning of Verblio), agencies have loved our white label feature. There was one major area for improvement, though, and last month, our product team made it happen. Tell ’em, Char: White Label, What? Hold up. Rewind. If you’re not already familiar with Verblio’s white label feature,…

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Introducing: Yes, And Marketing

By Megan Skalbeck / April 19, 2021 / Comments Off on Introducing: Yes, And Marketing

Verblio’s podcast has a new look, name, and mascot. Please welcome… (underwater drumroll in space): Rebranding is Demanding While “The Verblio Show” was a great name for getting the podcast off the ground (and a full year of episodes!) we decided it was time for a name that tells people a *little* more about what…

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