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A smartphone screen showing a scam IRS call in progress

5 Ways to Protect Yourself From IRS Scams

By Verblio / July 23, 2021 / 0 Comments

Tax fraud, identity theft, and calls from those claiming to represent the IRS cause thousands of people to lose their hard-earned money each year.  In March 2019, the IRS warned that scammers claiming to be from the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service office in Houston or Brooklyn were making unsolicited calls to unsuspecting taxpayers. Those who…

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young employees planning retirement savings with financial advisor

How Financial Advisors Make the Most of Your 401(k)

By Verblio / September 20, 2019 / 0 Comments

Blogging for financial advisors is about providing content that shows you keep up with recent research and have your clients’ best interests at heart.

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The Importance of Blogging

By Casey Cline / May 25, 2018 / 6 Comments

For years, marketing experts have emphasized the importance of blogging for digital success. But it’s 2018 now. Why is blogging important still and how should agencies and businesses make the most of their blogging resources? Why Blogging is Important (Yes, Still) At a time when many brands are pivoting toward more video and social media…

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The Benefits Of Working With A Tax Professional

By Verblio / March 23, 2018 / 0 Comments

Dave Ramsey, a well-known speaker and radio host on the topic of finances, compares taxes to maintaining a car in this video. The takeaway? You would not fix a modern car by yourself in your backyard, nor should you prepare and submit your taxes by yourself. One statistic he cites is that the average taxpayer saves $700…

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An edited image of a 100 dollar bill (US) disintegrating into a digital landscape

Investing In Bitcoin, Alt-Coins & Cryptocurrency Tokens

By Verblio / February 16, 2018 / 0 Comments

Nine years ago, business and commerce worldwide were quickly adapting to online bank accounts, online credit card payments, and completely online payment systems like PayPal when a mysterious programming entity known as Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the bitcoin framework. They had a clear intent to change the way modern manipulative banking practices work and introduce transparency…

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Make Your Accounting Count

By Verblio / January 6, 2018 / 0 Comments

Every business needs a good set of books, properly maintained, in order to meet the various tax obligations throughout the year. However, as a business grows from one person with an idea to a team of experienced players, it helps to get as much support as possible from your accounting procedures for every aspect of…

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