Verblio (Formerly BlogMutt) Freelance Writer Spotlight: Rachel Denney


We’re excited to highlight DIY expert and personal finance enthusiast Rachel Denney for this April’s freelance writer spotlight.


Her Verblio Writer Spotlight

Check out some of Rachel’s Verblio (formerly BlogMutt) stats that earned her a writer spotlight:

  • Time with Verblio: 2 years
  • Total posts sold: 1404
  • Top industries: Home repair & maintenance, IT & data security, business consulting
  • Expertise: Behavioral economics, investing & personal finance, DIY, debate

With wide-ranging experience and an eye for organization, Rachel has become one of our go-to writers for web content and concise, well-crafted blog posts. One of Rachel’s specialties is riffing on broad topics: taking a keyword and make it into a series of catchy, fascinating SEO-focused articles that you won’t be able to resist.

One client asked for a series of short posts about “irrigation systems” and here are some of the topics that she created from that two-word request:

  • Top reasons why you should have a professional check your future property’s irrigation system before you buy
  • Reduce your maintenance costs with a new irrigation system
  • Save your landscaping with these two irrigation design elements
  • 2 ways to integrate irrigation systems into your neighborhood construction


Rachel is also one of our ever-growing team of HubSpot-certified writers, and she is particularly talented at crafting short, punchy web copy.

Unlike long-form blog posts, the content that appears on your website isn’t about diving into all of the details; it’s about catching a customer’s eye, creating a sense of trust and authority, and most importantly: conveying a great deal of information in a relatively small number of words. You probably know what you need to say on your website, but you need someone to help you say it right.

Her Specialties

That’s where Rachel comes in. Here are just a couple of the specialties for which she has crafted top-notch web copy and earned a writer spotlight:

  • Sprinkler winterization
  • Animal control
  • Pool heater installation
  • Fire damage restoration

Rachel writes a great deal now for the home repair and home maintenance industries, but she wasn’t always an expert in those fields:

I like writing about home maintenance clients because, for a long time, it was something I knew nothing about. There was a big difference between being able to follow someone’s explanation enough to understand a problem and knowing the parts and systems well enough to troubleshoot the problem myself.

Now that Rachel has become a DIY guru, her writing projects sometimes inspire repairs and upgrades to her own home. She has published over 500 articles in the home maintenance industry on Verblio alone.

She likes educating and empowering others to feel like they can make smart choices about their properties:

If I can write articles that help people better understand what’s rumbling in their house,” she says, “that’s a great way to spend time.

When She’s Not Writing for Verblio

Though freelance writing is now her main gig, Rachel also has a certificate in teaching and experience in corporate law. She writes content about topics from business consulting to data security and even investment strategies. Need a blog post about how to form a company inside your 401(k) or whether you can reduce your tax bill by rolling over your IRA? Rachel’s got you covered.

Outside of her writing career, Rachel is also passionate about debate. She judges high school debate tournaments on the weekends with topics ranging from philosophy to current events and public policy. She’s also extremely well-read and spends her free time —at least when she’s not out for a hike with her husband and adorable pup—listening to podcasts about retirement investment strategies and behavioral economics.


Thank you so much to Rachel, this April’s writer spotlight, for being an awesome addition to the Verblio community!

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