How A Legitimate Opportunity To Work From Home Allowed Me To Make My Dreams Come True


By Grace Conyers, a BlogMutt writer who is making her dreams come true. Learn more about Grace, her dreams, and company at her blog.

legitimate opportunity to work from homeI’ve always wanted to work as a local field archaeologist and bootstrap my own research and development business. The problem is, archaeology is seasonal, and bootstrapping is expensive. The field season starts spiking in spring, then continues to grow until summer and starts to quickly drop off in the fall. If I wanted to work all year round, I’d have to travel further afield and look for work several states away. Unfortunately, the further away you look, the more expensive it gets. There was no way I could afford to do both dreams at once.

With seasonal work like this, it’s hard to plan for finances. To make ends meet and work my dream job, I needed to find a legitimate opportunity to work from home. Maybe then I could work both dreams of working in the field and crafting my own company.

I had tried a few different places from Fiverr to Snag-a-Job to Craigslist. Finally, I worked up the courage to try freelance writing. I had been writing for years, but I never thought I could make enough money off it to make ends meet. At first I tried Elance and Guru with limited success; I just couldn’t bid low enough to keep up with overseas competition and pay my bills. I tried Writer Access and others, but there was never enough work to make ends meet, let alone enough in a technical or business fields for me to stay interested. So, I gave up for a while while I worked seasonal retail jobs for the Christmas season.

When the holiday season work ran dry, I started delving into the world of freelance work again. I was close to giving up my dream of being an archaeologist during part of the year and started searching in earnest for what the world might call “real work” on LinkedIn,, and the local paper. I was in a freelance writers forum in LinkedIn when BlogMutt crossed my path.

The first thought that crossed my mind was, “Could this be the legitimate opportunity to work from home that will make my dreams come true?”

Answer: Yes, it was.

Within a few days I was set up with an account and writing. The variety of clients from technical to business concepts kept me happily writing long after quitting time. I was learning new things, then writing about them for the clients. To me it was having a paid internship, and this made all the difference in the world. And the money woes? Well, let’s just say I’m happy to be leaving for my first field assignment in a week without worrying about the future or my company.

How would legitimate work from home change your life? We’d like to know.


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