Relief From Boredom: Work-At-Home Freelance Jobs For Retirees


You’ve looked forward to this for years: your retirement is here and you have all the time in the world to do whatever you want. Several months, maybe even a year or two in and everything is great. You are happily busy traveling, spending time with family, and focusing on a hobby. The options are wide open for you from here on out.

At some point, however, you may realize you miss having a job. If not, wonderful, but if you do…

work-at-home freelance jobs for retirees If you miss the routine and productivity of having a job, freelance writing may be the retirement gig you’re looking for.

Some of us find that the change from the daily routine of years leaves something missing. We’re used to our experience working for ourselves and others. Being refocused away from that can make you feel at loose ends. Maybe it’s a little boring having all these days wide open once the novelty and initial excitement wear off.

Perhaps think about exploring a new job. You don’t necessarily need a major career, or even a full-time position. For some jobs you don’t even have to leave your house. No, this is not some pyramid sales scheme and yes, it really is a legal and legitimate job. Consider work-at-home freelance jobs for retirees as a writer, making use of all that experience you possess to create informational content.

If you can research a topic on the web and write a well constructed article about it, working as a freelance blog content writer may just be the boredom buster you need. Businesses of all types are seeking out writers to create intelligent content for their websites. Some want blogs that are more corporate in tone, while others are more fun and cheeky. The point is, they want well-written, timely, business-specific articles.

Think about it: you set your schedule, choose your topics, decide how many articles you want to work on. Freelance is just what it sounds like: your business on your terms. Your pace is completely up to you.

One of your choices will be whether to work with a blog service or independently. Working with a blog service provider can reduce some of the big headaches involved in setup for the freelancer. The service contracts with the clients, deals with the invoices, and transmits your pay. You write an article and submit it to the client. If the article sells, you get paid. What’s not to like?

BlogMutt is one such excellent blogging service. They have a great support crew, knowledgeable guidance, and an extensive list of clients. The writer dashboard and content interface are user-friendly. The clients are diverse so there are many opportunities for topics that speak to your experience or possibly intrigue and even challenge you to research.

There are alternatives to the retirement doldrums and BlogMutt is an exciting one. If we’ve piqued your interest, please, contact us.

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