Here Goes Nothing: My First Post As BlogMutt CEO


My mother is a writer. My wife is a writer. My brother is a writer.

I’ve just joined a company founded by a writer. On the staff in the office of BlogMutt there are a ridiculous number of people with journalism or English degrees, or advanced degrees in ancient languages. 

Oh, and not to mention that BlogMutt’s extensive network of 10,000 writers who have written hundreds of thousands of blog posts over the years.

I’m incredibly excited to be here, but I’m a bit intimidated at the thought of writing a blog post about how happy I am to be here to so many great writers.

Don’t get me wrong, I deeply appreciate good writing. But I’m not a natural writer. This was made abundantly clear to me when I actually worked as a journalist for a stretch. What I enjoy most is innovating businesses where clients are clamoring for a solution and no one else has previously been able to solve the puzzle. Where no company has gone before…

I also love people businesses. At a former crowdsourcing company I helped grow our crowd from 1,000 home-based workers to 20,000. Creating great opportunities for people has been a part of my drive for many years.

This is why I couldn’t be more excited to be leading BlogMutt. My job is to lead the companynot by writing but by helping the world of content marketing to grow, with BlogMutt leading the charge.




I’ll just let you know that everything I said in this press release is actually true. We have a great foundation on which to build upon. I really do think that small- and medium-sized businesses (and their marketing agencies) need a content writing service to help them navigate the world of marketing technology. They just need help telling their stories to their customers (and prospective customers) as frequently as their larger competitors…without having to hire a full-time writer.

I’m grateful to Scott and to Wade for giving me this opportunity. I’m thrilled to expand upon their vision to provide a flexible, cost-effective and reliable source of high-quality content for marketing. They’ve built an incredible company, and I intend to do great things with the responsibility I have been given.

While I’ve been a business unit leader for many years, this is my first time being a CEO. I want my first time to be a huge win for everyone involved, so I will be working—like a dogto make sure that’s exactly what happens.

I look forward to sharing that journey with all of you.

As Scott said in his blog post yesterday, “business is about people.” To me, harnessing the skill and talent of so many freelancers while creating content marketing opportunities for customers at the same time is nothing short of powerful.


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Steve Pockross

As CEO, Steve brings more than 20 years of startup, nonprofit, and Fortune 500 experience to not only running the business of Verblio, but also setting the culture, vision, and purpose of the team. Outside the office, Steve enjoys ultimate frisbee, telemark skiing, hosting jazz concerts, and spending time with his two boys.

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