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Buy Blogs For Your Staffing Services Company And Attract New Clients

By a Verblio Writer

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To run a successful staffing company, you must be able to meet the needs of a diverse set of clients.  You have to earn their trust by displaying your knowledge of their needs and convince them that you can solve their hiring problems.One way to earn the trust of new companies is to post engaging blogs where you display your knowledge of their needs first hand. As you write blogs about each of the industries you serve, you will catch the eye of companies who are working hard to hire the right people to grow their businesses.

Of course, you want to spend your time finding the right employees for the companies you serve, not writing blogs. Instead, you can buy blogs that will add valuable content to your website. Great blogs will help you climb to the top of popular search pages, will showcase your services, and will build relationships with companies who need your help increasing their staff. Here’s an example of a blog you could purchase and post about helping a company hire the best possible sales staff.

Hiring Sales Staff You Can Trust

You know your business inside and out. You eat sleep and breathe all the little details that make your company unique and give you the edge over your competition. You know exactly what impression you want your potential customers to have of your company, and you have worked hard to convey that image in all of your marketing efforts.

In a perfect world, you would be the only person to interact with all of your customers and all the people you hope to introduce to your company. When you personally interact with a potential customer, you can be sure that they understand the most important elements of your company, as you engage them in a friendly and genuine way. You know that your conversation with them will embody your company’s values and showcase its strengths.

Not A One-Man Band

Unfortunately, you can’t be the only sales person for your company. In fact, if you are running your company well, expanding it and building growth you should have very little time left over for taking on direct sales and marketing. If you have any significant time to talk to customers directly, chances are that you are neglecting some of your responsibilities as the leader of your company.

A Great Team Makes A Company Stronger

As Margaret Heffernan, the author of A Bigger Prize: How We Can Do Better Than the Competition, said in an article she wrote for Inc. entitled, “Smartest Way to Manage Your Business? Get Ready to Sell It”

“If the company depends entirely on you–your creativity, ingenuity, inspiration, salesmanship or charisma–nobody will want to buy it. The risk and the dependency are too great. To the degree that a company does not depend on its leader, it is more valuable for a buyer, and more sustainable.”

As much as you would love to control every aspect of your company, the company is ultimately stronger when you take up your role and lead your employees to embody all of the qualities that you value.

Seek Out The Best, And Never Settle

Since you can’t personally represent your company to all of the people you hope to reach this year, the best thing you can do is hire the most incredible salespeople you can find. You have to be diligent to hire only the most qualified people. It is all too easy to settle for applicants who are local and seem willing to “give it a try.”

Never forget that the person you hire will be the personal representation of your company, establishing the first impression that will stick with your future customers and eventually guide their purchasing decisions. The quality of the sales people you hire will have a direct impact on the success or failure of your company, because these are the people who directly impact your bottom line through their interactions with the people your company serves.

Investing In Trust

The question is, what is your best strategy for finding salespeople that can be just as passionate about your company as you are and share that passion with your future customers? Frankly, there is no investment too large, when it comes to hiring qualified sales people who won’t bail on you and will make your company’s success their priority. That initial investment is about more than hiring people who can increase your sales, it is about hiring people you can trust with the future or your business. Liz Ryan, the writer of the Forbes magazine article, “What Would You Try If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail” was very clear on the importance of having employees you can trust,

“Trust is not just a leadership issue. It’s a financial issue, too. If making money in your goal, you would be smart to study fear and trust. Fear costs you money and trust makes you money, but if you want to get that money,  you have to trust yourself enough to trust the people around you.”

Any investment you put into hiring the right people will be more than paid back as you build a team that is ready to take initiative and do what’s best for the company. The good news is that it takes less of a financial investment than you might expect.

A Better Solution

The classified section in your local paper simply doesn’t have the reach you need. Online ads can be pretty hit or miss and don’t do a great job of communicating the opportunity you are offering. Instead, you can find new salespeople through a method that isn’t passive at all. You can have a team of people seeking out your new salespeople from thousands of resumes all over the country. When they find people who they think will be a great fit for you, they will pursue them directly, making personal contact with them and telling them all about your job opportunity. A staffing service can serve you by saving you time and finding you qualified employees that are excited to work for you and learn more about your company.

Fulfilling Your Role

Of course, we can help you hire the salespeople with the best potential, but it is up to you to train them and inspire them. You will be the one who transforms them into the face of your company. You will be the one who continues to create great products or refine useful services.

A lot is riding on your shoulders, and the right team will encourage you, believe in you and take the pressure off as they all add their unique strengths to your process. We would love to help you assemble the right team for you.

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