“How To Measure Blog Success” Series


Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue. – Andrew Davis


Why We Started the “How To Measure Blog Success” Series

It starts with bad news: A recent customer unsubscribed from Verblio (formerly BlogMutt) because they “didn’t see the value of running a blog” on their website anymore. Yup, this about crushed us. Because every business that has a blog should be able to calculate its value by measuring success.

But now the good news: This series of posts will show you the basics on how to start measuring your blog’s value. As you become comfortable with measuring your blog’s performance, you can begin to get even more sophisticated in measuring blog value.

Our series of blog posts will help you measure the following quantitative metrics:

What Having a Blog Is All About

A blog is more than just words on a screen. And it’s more than just a part of your content marketing strategy. When done correctly, a blog is the start of a relationship between you, your customers, and your prospective customers. But what’s the measurable value of this “relationship”?

Having a blog, without measurement, is no way to ever appreciate its value. Now you can avoid the misconception that maintaining a blog on your website has no value.

Pat Armitage

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