Transportation & Logistics Sample Post: Why Getting a CDL Means Getting a Job in 2019

This 315-word sample post was written by transportation and Verblio writer Joshua D. Joshua attended a college-based CDL school in western Maryland about 2-3 years ago, right after he left a 20-year military career, and he has been driving a truck ever since.

After obtaining his CDL, Joshua drove for Schneider on long-haul (30 days), mid-haul (home weekly), and then left to work for a small time carrier, where he has been running short haul (home daily) as a contractor to the Postal Service ever since. He runs a Freightliner glider kit 10-speed, back and forth through Canada every driving day, in every kind of weather, including white-outs, brown-outs, and gray-outs.

Joshua has used his hands-on expertise in the trucking industry to create our latest Verblio sample post. With Verblio’s help, you can match with writers who have real-world experience in your industry.

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Need a job?  Tired of having to send out resumes and hunt for work?  Or do you already have a job and are tired of having your boss look over your shoulder constantly?  Either way, grab a Commercial Driver’s License and get the job you deserve at a pay rate you can appreciate.  Professional Truck Driving is one of the most critical industries in the country, and it’s also one of the most understaffed.  Right now, pay rates are extremely competitive, recruiters seek you out, work is practically guaranteed, and most logistics and transportation companies will be fighting to get you to sign with them!

Think getting a CDL is hard?  It’s a commitment, to be sure, but it’s not difficult.  A few weeks and a little money is all it takes to turn around and be making $60k or more per year!  Most CDL schools will train you for CDL-A, CDL-B, and other certifications that you might want on your license, including tanker, flat-bed, and passenger vehicles.  Bus drivers are in high demand, too, so if you ever wanted to run a school bus or intracity transit bus, now’s the time!

new truck driver getting his CDL

But here’s an even more important factor that you may not have considered.  No, truck driving school isn’t cheap.  It never has been, and it never will be.  These are professional truck drivers, often with 30 or more years of experience, teaching you how to take up the reins in their place.

But, with the federal government finally coming to the understanding that the truck driver shortage is going to start hurting the economy sooner rather than later, many states have been encouraged to implement or expand financial assistance programs for truck driving school.  That’s right: in many places, you can have your state government pay for you to learn to be a truck driver and finally achieve that independent lifestyle you’ve always wanted.



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