A Writer’s Perspective: Being A Preferred Writer & How It Motivates Me


Being a preferred writer for a client in BlogMutt’s system is one factor that motivates me to do my best work. This is a feature that more companies would do well to adopt.

When clients take the time to mark me as a preferred writer, I know that they appreciate my work. This is a simple, effective way for clients to provide positive feedback to writers. It’s good for the client as it allows him or her to find writers whose styles match the blog’s needs and preferences. It gives writers encouragement and lets us know we’re providing helpful content.

This feature also makes it possible for writers and clients to develop a good working relationship. Writing for companies is often a nearly anonymous process, as you can work for hundreds of different clients in different industries. Under normal circumstances, it’s often difficult for me to remember which clients I’ve written for previously. When I’m listed as a preferred writer, however, I immediately know that this is a client for whom I’ve successfully completed assignments. I also know to maintain a similar style and format in any future work I do for this client, so it expedites my workflow.

I always choose assignments from clients who have chosen me as a preferred writer ahead of other assignments. It’s simpler and more enjoyable to work with someone with whom I’ve already developed a working relationship.

I would definitely recommend that other companies who offer content writing services explore this feature. Marking a writer as “preferred” is a fast and painless way for clients to connect with writers whom they want to continue working with in the future.

It’s advantageous to everyone involved and personalizes the writing process.



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