Preferred Blog Writers at Verblio: What it Means


Once you’ve started receiving blog posts with Verblio you’ll begin to understand that there are real, individual writers behind each post you receive. And while all the posts are pretty good, you may have fallen in love with a couple writers who, frankly, just understand you the best. Did you know to indicate these individuals as preferred blog writers will keep them coming back?

We believe that providing a seamless working relationship between the customer and the writer is important. Because of this, we’ve created an easy way for you to foster these relationships by letting the writer know you prefer their work.

Even better—it only takes three clicks.

Why You Should Prefer Writers

At Verblio, we’re proud that our crowd of unique freelance writers can write for almost any industry, on any topic, that you can think of. But often, you don’t need a huge crowd. You just need a few key writers who understand your voice and can deliver on your content.

Preferring a writer is the first, very important step, in building a more personal crowd that you can rely on for the majority of your posts.

But let’s dive into how a more personalized pool of writers can positively impact your Verblio experience. There are four main ways preferred writers will improve your content.

1. They ensure quality.

The writers you choose to prefer generally have submitted several successful pieces to you. This means that they have already looked over the information you’ve provided about your company and content, the reviewed feedback you’ve given to writers, and learned the dos and don’ts of your content. In short, they get you. Working with these kinds of writers helps mitigate the ‘chance factor’ in crowdsourcing. You’ll simply trust the quality you’ll receive from them.

2. They save time.

A huge bonus that might not be obvious when preferring writers is the time that they’ll save you. Since you trust the quality of their work, you’ll spend less time in your queue combing through submissions, declining posts that are off-base, and giving constructive feedback. Similarly, you’ll spend less time trading edits with these writers.

Gone are the days when you had to get new writers up to speed on the requirements of your content.

3. They advance your content.

Preferring a writer is also a powerful way to grow your content. Great writers not only deliver on the content you’re expecting, but help elevate your content to a whole new level. Once you prefer a writer or two, they can pitch topic ideas to you. You can also request that they propose a new topic if you’re running out of creative fodder.

When you allow a gifted writer—who really gets your voice and style—to contribute to your content in a new way, magic can happen on your blog. Often, these writers can add a whole new level of depth or creativity to your content that allows your content strategy to blossom.

4. They work harder for you.

Preferring a writer sends a powerful signal that you like their work and want them to return to your content. This is a meaningful way to build a relationship with one of our writers.

And from a writer’s perspective, when you value their hard work, they are more inclined to prioritize your content and go above and beyond for you.

How to Designate Preferred Blog Writers

Here’s how you prefer a writer in the Verblio system.

1. Click the picture of the writer next to the post he/she submitted to access the writer’s profile.

If they don’t have a picture, you’ll see an empty avatar. Here is one of our recent posts for the Verblio blog submitted by one of our great writers, Charlene.

writer submission verblio

2. Select the “Manage writer” button once you’ve opened up the writer profile.

This will show you a dropdown list with several options: mark preferred, block this writer, no preference, and help.

manage writer dropdown verblio

3. Hit “Preferred”  for this subscription or all of your subscriptions (if you have multiple).

prefer writer verblio

All done! Once you’ve marked that writer as preferred, they will receive an email explaining how awesome you think they are, and that you’d love to see them submit more posts for your blog.

Preferred writers will be indicated by a heart icon on their profile photo for all pieces of content they’ve written for you:

submission from preferred writer verblio

Oh, and if you’re out of ideas for topics, just opt for 10 Topics, provided by our team of inbound marketing & HubSpot-certified experts in less than 48 hours for a one-time, cool $99. These ideas will soon start rolling in, and you can start your preferred writers writing on some of these fresh topics.

We understand, you want to keep your favorite writers submitting more posts to fill your blog. If you designate a few preferred blog writers, you can count on receiving those quality posts that you’ve come to expect from your trusted few.


Zoe Treeson

Having started my career in film, storytelling is at my core. That’s why helping Verblio customers tell their most compelling stories is my bread and butter. I seek to make the journey from curious web visitor to loyal customer seamless and delightful. But Hitchcock and the Coen Brothers aren’t the only things that’ll get me chatting. Before being seduced by film, I was on a neuroscience track. So if you’re ever hankering to talk CRISPR updates or the newest RadioLab episode, be assured that you’ll have my attention.

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