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In the course of competing for search engine rankings, businesses are always pushed to deliver new information of value to their readers without breaking the bank. This prompts many businesses to outsource their blog writing overseas. While outsourcing to many content mills and e-services seems like a good way to produce cheap content, quality control is difficult, and the writers are disconnected from and inexperienced in both your culture and your language.

When your business buys blogs from, you are engaging a community of active, American bloggers with a wide range of skills, passions and reasons for blogging. Since we are an anonymous group as of yet, it is easy to think of the writers providing content as faceless algorithms, but the Mutts at BlogMutt are all individuals with various backgrounds and reasons for providing you fresh, invigorating content to educate your users and keep your website current.

buy blogsA Mutt’s Story

I am a Mutt on (Yes, we do call ourselves Mutts). When I attempt to explain what I do to friends and family, there are many interesting responses. I am not building my business, I am building the businesses of many different BlogMutt subscribers. Many people are interested, others are just confused, at the idea that I spend my time creating an intellectual product which someone else will own at the end of the day.

As a young man, I love writing technological blogs on business systems (CRM, ERP and CMS), but I have written articles on toothpaste, healthcare management, fly-in fishing trips, women’s lingerie…you name it, I have done it. I spend time every day learning something new, and meeting many new businesses, even if they never know my name. The diversity of my average day is astounding and educational for me, as I hope my writing is for the readers of the sundry blogs I write for.

I was not always a blogger. I started my career in education, helping start a college in my home state. The college was a very small startup when I started my family; the family motivated me to look for work in a more professional field and I chose selling B2C marketing via business-to-business sales.

One of the difficulties, and joys, of door-to-door marketing is the need to travel. I had to spend time throughout my area prospecting and serving customers. It was a sacrifice to be gone from home a lot, but with a child on the way who needed financial support, it was worth it.


Many people can relate to this, but I find it difficult to think about: my son was born with a life-threatening health condition. His jaw was too small and his tongue too large, causing suffocation. He could not be left on his back, he could not be in a car seat, and he could not breast-feed and barely ate from a bottle. My nice job with benefits and good pay and the joy of traveling several months out of the year became something I could not do because my wife and I were busy providing 24-hour care to an infant who could not breathe if left on his back.

After my son was diagnosed, I went back to work for the non-profit: pay was not great, but I could manage my own hours, stay at home and care for my family. The emotional and financial cost was high, but it was worth it. During my time working in administration, researching and writing paperwork for government compliance, my family grew by an additional member, and then the non-profit ran out of money.

These things do happen.


After our non-profit income dried up, I spent about a year and a half searching for ways to pay the bills and still keep the family commitments I have grown to cherish, including a now healthy young son and a daughter who also was failure-to-thrive, for entirely different reasons.

I spent this time helping a friend publish a book, working for several freelance sites, and attempting to start a video editing business. In the year before I started at BlogMutt, I did freelance work for several Pakistani writing firms, writing SEO content for blogs and websites; I spent several weeks working my tail off for $4/hour net pay. Needless to say, after a few paychecks at $4/hr, I started looking for jobs at fast food joints. The joy of attempting to go build something on my own was swiftly eclipsed by the simple fact that I had no income. I went back to school, borrowing money to stay afloat. During Christmas break, while waiting on the next semester and out of farming labor work, I discovered that many businesses on BlogMutt were looking for skills that I have taken for granted my entire life (research and writing).

The creative process required for survival is an amazing thing, and BlogMutt gives many people like me the ability to put those creative processes to use on a weekly basis and provide value to businesses and other entrepreneurs.

American Madeamerican bloggers

Born and raised in a small town in the Intermountain West, I have loved reading and writing since I first read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in 2nd Grade. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching Vocal Performance and English, technical experience from building multiple website platforms, running SEM campaigns and more, I am a perfect match with BlogMutt. I have the diverse experience and knowledge to provide a high quality informational product to businesses, and want to spend my time writing, not outside of my home meeting and greeting business people who need my services. Through BlogMutt, businesses provide the jobs, and I get to pour my heart and soul into researching and writing high-quality educational articles.

While I am one of many, we all have our story, and we are all qualified and ready to serve your business with high-quality content.

Paul Davis writes at BlogMutt, cares for his lovely family, and in his spare time writes his own blogs and podcasts about business, education, life, family and more.

One Among Many

Writers at BlogMutt each have a unique story like this one. They are your friends and neighbors, writing from locations across the United States. Whatever level of subscription you buy from BlogMutt, you are supporting a diverse economy of independent entrepreneurs and getting a quality product as well.

American Built: Quality and Affordability

There was a time when the stamp “Made in USA” was a sign of quality, pride of workmanship, and affordability. At BlogMutt, this is still true: we take pride in our writing, work hard to increase quality, and are very affordable. With hours worked and rate of writing set entirely by the writers, BlogMutt is an environment designed to do one thing: create high quality, personalized content while keeping our costs competitive.

Since every writer becomes more invested in the company as time goes on, including eventual co-ownership through shares, the writers’ forum becomes a place of encouragement, instruction, and quality-building, even though the writers are all competing for your business!

When the writers’ community is combined with BlogMutt’s goal of creating a space where writers need be solely concerned with writing, the results are awesome! A truly symbiotic relationship exists between writers, BlogMutt and all of the businesses out there who become our customers.

Businesses can request edits, schedule delivery of posts, and reject ones that do not meet expectations, and live writers are engaged every step of the way, from first reading a business’s description through to publishing. So, take BlogMutt for a walk, and discover how American ingenuity is live and well on the internet, providing you high quality blogging services.

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