Email Marketing is Back

Email’s been getting a lot of attention lately and it’s not just thanks to the infamous account that Hilary Clinton setup. Personally, I’ve relied on email to curate and package the best and most relevant news and information in one place. Social networks are great for real-time access to content but can quickly become overwhelming.

The best email newsletters I subscribe to deliver the most noteworthy content for whatever niche I’m interested in. That way, if I’m not available to keep tabs on social I can always find the top news in my inbox.


Why email marketing is still in style — and thriving

Email is no longer the fax of the digital age. What’s old is once new again.

Marketing Sherpa recently reported the following:

A vast majority (91 percent) of U.S. adults say they like getting promotional emails from companies they do business with. Of those, 86 percent would like monthly emails and 61 percent would like them at least weekly.

Scott McCorkle, guest blogging for VentureBeat, goes on to give three noteworthy reasons for email’s relevance and application worth reading.

Don’t forget, email requires content. What content? Well, we’ve used email a bunch lately, answering commonly asked customer questions, sending out “how to’s,” and following up with prospective customers. If you’re maintaining a blog, there’s a treasure trove of potential email content. And if you don’t have a blog, it’s a great place to vet the reactions of your content before sending it to customers in an email.

Infographic: How To Succeed With Email Marketing Campaigns

If you’re ready to reacquaint yourself with using email for customer communications, start with this infographic developed by Marketo.

Marketo dives into core competencies when creating an email and ensuring its success:

1. Strategy

2. Testing

3. Timing

4. Mobile

How To Grow Your Email List to 5 Digits and Beyond

If an email gets sent and no one receives it, is it still an email? The point is, without a list the world’s greatest email is worthless.

Building a list involves a confluence of factors outlined by KISSmetrics. One of the biggest factors to growing a successful email campaign is ensuring your potential readers can’t miss the opportunity to receive it.

And Don’t Forget Segmentation

One thing that doesn’t get a whole lot of love in these three articles is audience segmentation. There are so many automated marketing tools out there that the ability to make slights tweaks to an email so that you’re appealing to specific audience segments lifts open and engagement rates.

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