BlogMutt Freelance Writer Spotlight: Takila Davis


This September, I’m excited to highlight BlogMutt veteran Takila Davis for our freelance writer spotlight.

As of this month, Takila is beginning her 5th year writing for BlogMutt. She has sold nearly 3,500 blog posts to just under 400 different subscriptions across 31 different industries. Wow! That is a ton of content!

One of the most amazing parts of this is that of those 3.5K posts, over 99% have been purchased without the customer requesting a single change. That’s fewer than 20 edit requests in 4 years of writing!

With a degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS) and a life-long passion for writing, Takila often takes on customers in some of our toughest industries, including IT and data security. She has also found success writing articles in the healthcare and medical technology sectors, as well as creating compelling content for law firms and ad agencies.

Outside of BlogMutt, Takila is a self-described sports fanatic, and she says that she’s been a passionate writer for as long as she can remember:


“I was always one of the shy kids and I would always feel like I couldn’t connect with people. Writing allowed me to create a world that I was comfortable in. I could create characters and make them come to life with my words. I feel like writing is my therapy and my escape from many of the realities of this world.”

Read on for our mini-interview with Takila!

1. What do you do outside of BlogMutt? What gets you excited about life?

That is an interesting question. I may not actually have a life outside of BlogMutt. Is that a bad thing?!

I definitely need to get out more. What have I done to myself?

Writing and sports are two things that can get me excited. I am a sports fanatic, so I am definitely excited about football season and the upcoming basketball season. My favorite NBA team is the Miami Heat. #GoHeat #HeatNation


2. How did you get started as a writer? And as a BlogMutt writer?

I have loved writing since I was in elementary school. I started writing stories at home when I was in middle school, and my teacher would let me read my stories in front of the class.

I eventually built up enough courage to attempt to earn an income with my writing skills after college, and after a long search, I stumbled upon BlogMutt. I haven’t looked back since that day.

3. What type of clients do you write for on BlogMutt? What are their businesses like and why do you like to write for them?

The majority of the clients I write for are the IT clients. I like to write for those clients because I love technology, computers, the internet, etc. I have a degree in Computer Information Systems [CIS], so I am definitely passionate about learning more about the clients I write for. The majority of their businesses provide IT services, repairs, maintenance for small businesses and large businesses.

I also love writing for healthcare clients, legal clients, and the marketing & advertising clients. One of my favorite topics is “Internet of Things [IoT] in Healthcare” because it combines two of my interests.

4. What is the weirdest subject that you’ve ever written about on BlogMutt? Ever find a topic too strange for you to write about?

I honestly cannot think of a weird subject that I have written about. I tend to stay away from those topics, and I have seen plenty of them. 🙂

5. What is the most important piece of advice that you can give to beginning freelance writers?

When someone gives you advice on how you can make an article better, accept that advice. When you write for clients who have an incredible amount of experience in their field, you should accept any of the tips they may have for you.

Also, if you truly want to be a freelance writer, you need to have the right discipline. You have to put in the effort and the time. Do not wait for something to come to you; go out there and grab it yourself.

Do not wait for something to come to you; go out there and grab it yourself. (1).png

Congrats to Takila on her 4th anniversary with BlogMutt! Thank you so much for all of your hard work—we couldn’t be happier to have you as part of our team.


Molly Michieli

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