Verblio Freelance Writer Spotlight: Charlene Baker

In our Freelance Writer Spotlight for March, we’d like to highlight the entrepreneur, inbound marketing expert, and of course, Verblio writer, Charlene Baker.

Charlene Baker is always up to date on the latest trends in content marketing and runs a successful business as The Busy Mom Coach, helping busy moms achieve health and weight loss goals while juggling busy schedules with life, work, and family. She’s not only an absolute pleasure to work with, but she’s also a phenomenal writer with a unique sense for a customer’s style and tone.

While Charlene didn’t always love to write, she now crafts blog posts that are fresh, engaging, and that really achieve results. Verblio customers in the B2B sphere love that Charlene’s posts provide their audiences with actionable strategies for implementing the latest marketing techniques.

We love working with and supporting writers like Charlene, who use Verblio to supplement their income as they pursue their own passions. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our latest post about why we think everyone wins when content is outsourced to our crowd of amazing freelance writers.

Find Charlene Baker on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the handle @busymomcoach, or read on to find out more about how Charlene uses her love of content marketing to create amazing, shareable content.

Charlene Baker

1. How did you, Charlene Baker, get started as a Verblio writer?

I actually found Verblio through an accountability partnership where we (as entrepreneurs) were looking for a reliable source of income to add to our stream. I’ve always been good at writing but it’s never something I wanted to pursue, since I’m more of a social person and need to be in front of people.

However, I decided to use this platform as a way to hone my skills in digital marketing. If I’m constantly studying and writing for clients in the inbound marketing space, I will stay abreast of what’s working now in online marketing and inevitably perfect my abilities as an Internet marketer.

2. What type of clients do you write for on Verblio? What are their businesses like and why do you like to write for them?

I absolutely LOVE inbound marketing and all the pieces that go with it (social media, content marketing, email, video, blogging, live-streaming video, landing pages, etc.). It IS my thing! So I stick with clients who are typically B2B brands and desire to educate their audience in these key areas.

My goal as a content creator is to help position each client as a credible source in their industry. When I’m writing, I’m thinking to myself,

How can I WOW their audience? What is fresh and working today in online marketing that their customers can apply to their businesses and achieve results?

I aim for actionable how-to posts and listicles that readers can use as a guide to better their marketing strategy.

3. What is the most important piece of advice that you can give to beginning freelance writers?

Consistency is the key to the breakthrough. In the beginning, it’s challenging because you’re trying to figure it all out; you’re waiting on that “one” post to sell, it’s taking you all day to write a post (it seems), and you can’t seem to find a lot of topics to write about.

However, with consistency, you’ll discover that it becomes easier to write, your words will start flowing, and your content will begin to sell weekly. The key is having a strict schedule that you follow and giving yourself time to get acclimated as a freelance writer.

4. What was your favorite book as a child? What do you like to read now?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was my FAVORITE book as a child (it’s slightly different than the original movie… I like the book better, though)!

Although I absolutely enjoy reading The Left Behind series, I find myself reading a lot of entrepreneurial success-driven books like The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (audio), and How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. I also support many local authors here in Atlanta and frequently indulge in their content.

5. What does a typical writing day look like for you? Do you have a schedule, set goals, etc.? 

My goal with Verblio (the only site I write for) is to complete 3 posts daily, except on Wednesdays. The posts are always 600-words and up and I reserve 2 hours to getting each done, although it doesn’t always take that long to finish them. I prefer working outside the home like at Panera Bread or in one of the lobbies at a luxury hotel in Atlanta. I get so much more done since there are less distractions. Plus the business conversations I tend to overhear keep me motivated in my own pursuits.

I admit: I do not always meet my daily post goal. As an entrepreneur, I have customers that I service and other projects I’m aiming to finish, like my book, new website, and training events I’m planning to hold this year in the local area. It’s a busy season, but Verblio is helping me to fund it all.

6. What is one thing about you that we might find surprising?

English was my least favorite subject in high school and college. Please don’t ask me what an adverb is.

Charlene Baker

She may be modest about her grammar know-how, but Charlene Baker is truly an amazing part of our team. Be sure to look her up on social media @busymomcoach, and get ready to be inspired!

Many thanks to Charlene for answering all of my questions and for working hard to help Verblio provide our customers with top-notch content every day.

Molly Michieli

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