COVID-Themed Words That Seem Like They Should Exist By Now


We’re word people, and the global pandemic has spawned a lot of new words and phrases. For example, what do you call the process of giving your pets professional titles? Are those pawmotions?

There was an SNL sketch in the 80s about “sniglets” – words that ought to be words but aren’t. (Sniglet is itself a sniglet.) We’ve found that naming things can be cathartic. So, we created a Slack channel dedicated to COVID-themed words that should exist already. There was lots of discussion. The below collection represents the team’s favorites.

WARNING: It’s a pundemic

Got a word of your own? Add it to the comments here, we might even add it to the dictionary.


Annika Nagy

Annika is Verblio’s copywriter and a marketing strategist, specializing in versatile verse-making, wit, whimsy, and alluring alliteration. When not conjuring magic in the creative cave, she enjoys entertaining the team with puns and Venn diagrams. Her hobbies include exploring abandoned places and driving through the desert with her corpulent cuddle cow, Violet the bulldog.

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