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Juneteenth 2021: Celebrating Liberation…Together

By Jessica Mendez / July 8, 2021 / Comments Off on Juneteenth 2021: Celebrating Liberation…Together

In the summer of 2020, following the brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer, our country saw a surge of anti-racism education and social justice activism.  While the system in place remains broken for Black and marginalized communities, the sheer display of heightened awareness about how many of us…

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In-Line Editing for Everyone!

By Megan Skalbeck / June 11, 2021 / Comments Off on In-Line Editing for Everyone!

Since the beginning of time (or at least the beginning of Verblio), agencies have loved our white label feature. There was one major area for improvement, though, and last month, our product team made it happen. Tell ’em, Char: White Label, What? Hold up. Rewind. If you’re not already familiar with Verblio’s white label feature,…

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Introducing: Yes, And Marketing

By Megan Skalbeck / April 19, 2021 / Comments Off on Introducing: Yes, And Marketing

Verblio’s podcast has a new look, name, and mascot. Please welcome… (underwater drumroll in space): Rebranding is Demanding While “The Verblio Show” was a great name for getting the podcast off the ground (and a full year of episodes!) we decided it was time for a name that tells people a *little* more about what…

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Introducing the Justice League: Verblio’s Efforts toward a More Inclusive World

By Charlene Baker / March 31, 2021 / Comments Off on Introducing the Justice League: Verblio’s Efforts toward a More Inclusive World

Content is powerful. If you fundamentally understand that every single time you press publish on a piece of content, that you’re influencing culture, then you have a better understanding of the power that you have. Ross Simmonds, Episode 29 of The Verblio Show As a content creation company, we take our role in the world…

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Verblio’s First Hackathon

By Annika Nagy / November 12, 2020 / Comments Off on Verblio’s First Hackathon

The What A hackathon is a design sprint-like event in which participants work together over a short period of time to create real functioning software. The Goal Solve a known Verblio business/user problem using technology. Demo the solution at the end of the week. Be judged. Not-so-secret-other-goal: Nurture the spirit of innovation across our company….

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What We Verblio Writers Want Our Customers to Know

By Verblio / August 7, 2020 / Comments Off on What We Verblio Writers Want Our Customers to Know

Editor’s note: Michelle H. has been with us since April 2017 and has a “hold my beer, watch this” enthusiasm for some of our more challenging customers. She’d like to thank her fabulous fellow Verblio writers for their input on this article and for their overall support and inspiration. When she reached out to us…

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