Four Potential Work-at-Home Freelance Jobs for Retirees


Although most people’s idea of the American Dream involves retirement, many retirees find that once the golden day has arrived, they feel somewhat at loose ends. This is only natural. With decades of work behind them, they find that although they do not necessarily miss the daily grind, they do miss the sense of purpose and fulfillment brought by work.

To that end, many retirees find themselves re-entering the work force, at least on a part-time basis. One of the best options for this sort of employment is freelance work, which allows for flexible hours and low commitment.


Four Potential Work-at-Home Freelance Jobs for Retirees:

1. Tutoring: This works best if you have retired from the educational field, but even if you haven’t, you can acquire certification without too much hassle. Top benefits of tutoring work include a strong feeling of satisfaction and the relatively high compensation rates; however, one drawback is the limited amount of hours that children are available for tutoring in the afternoons: generally just between the end of the school day and dinner time.

2. Childcare: This opportunity works best for active retirees who can keep up with small children. Top benefits include lots of extra exercise and the joy that can come from being around children. Downsides include a high degree of responsibility placed on you and the fact that the job can be quite tiring.

3. Marketing and Sales: More and more companies hire part-time employees to work remotely on sales and marketing projects. One advantage to this type of work is that you can work from your couch at home at any time, day or night. One disadvantage, of course, is that you must have knowledge of marketing and sales strategy in order for this to be an option.

4. Freelance Writing: Fortunately, marketing and sales departments are not the only sectors looking to employ remote workers. The online community teems with businesses on the prowl for freelance writers, and the good news is that whether you’re experienced in the writing field or not, there’s a niche for almost everyone. For the most part, businesses aren’t looking for Hemingway or Tolstoy: they’re looking for people who are experienced in a specific field who can write moderately well. Therein lies the sweet spot for almost all retirees, most of whom have just retired with 30+ years of experience in their chosen line of work.

When it comes right down to it, freelance writing is one of the best, most flexible work-at-home freelance jobs for retirees. You can make your own hours, work from the comfort of your home, and put to use decades of experience and knowledge.

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