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Reasons to Look at Junkyards to Restore Classic Cars

By a Verblio Writer

(351 words)

Many people who restore classic cars have trouble finding car parts. They may go from retailer to retailer and website to website, searching for the part that they need. If that proves impossible, they look for junkyards that have the unique car with the parts they need, or search Ebay and Craigslist to get used parts. Many classic car enthusiasts prefer to buy used parts for many reasons:


Used parts are much cheaper than brand new parts. Junkyards charge a very small amount per part, and usually charge the same depending on what the part is, whether it is a motor or a transmission. Also, many choose to purchase a whole parts car, which makes parts even more affordable. A parts car is usually very cheap compared to buying a part here and there, as long as you have enough room to store another car.


When you buy used parts out of a car exactly like the one that you have, you know that it will work. Sometimes, car parts vary on the model and year. It can make it a little hard to find parts, unless you know that it came out of a car exactly like yours.

Going Green

Buying used parts helps the environment. If you’re trying to “go green,” recycling old car parts cuts down landfill space, pollution, and the resources it would have required to make and ship a new part.

Instant Gratification

Once you find parts in a junkyard (or have your own parts car), you can have your parts right away. You do not have to wait to order parts in a retail store or have them shipped to you. You can just keep going on your project.

Finding parts can be one of the most difficult things about restoring or fixing your classic car, but it’s a little easier (and cheaper) if you decide to go with used parts. You’ll be able to find parts that you know will work for your car, and you’ll have those parts right away — or as soon as you can get to the junkyard!

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