Content Marketing: Who Should Write Your Blog Content?

by: Ken Bradford

content marketing A blog sounds like a great idea — but who’s going to write it?

Effective content marketing through blogging must focus on crafting unique blog articles that either inform, educate, or entertain your target audience. If your blog doesn’t attract attention and offer quality information, it will not be very successful. So, if your goal is to deliver your message in ways that your readers want to receive it, who should write your blog content?

You could write blog content yourself.

There is certainly no one who knows your business better than you. The advantage of writing your own blog articles is that there would be no possibility of factual errors. You would also eliminate the possibility of your business being placed in a position that would cause you to feel uncomfortable. You would control the message, the tone, and everything else.

Before you make the decision to take control of all the content writing for your blog, ask yourself a few important questions: Do you really like to write? Do you write well? Do you have a good grasp on effective article formatting? Do you have the time to produce quality blog content on a consistent basis? If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you should consider another option in producing blog content to make content marketing more effective.

You could delegate blog writing to someone on your staff.

No doubt, there is someone within your organization who knows your business very well and can write blog articles with the right tone. This person would have a clear understanding about the needs of your customers. You would also free up your time to run the business and save money by not outsourcing your blog writing.

If you have decided to pursue this option, is the writer you have chosen eager to write? Is he or she gifted when it comes to grammar, punctuation, and putting together compelling web copy? Does the writer you have chosen understand that periods and commas always go inside of quotation marks? Does the writer understand the importance of headings and sub-headings to make the right reader connection and give search engines the information they need to promote your articles in search results?

You must understand that writing quality blog content takes time and a certain amount of content marketing expertise. If you have chosen someone in-house to write your content, will you be required to delegate some of their regular job duties to someone else? Any savings realized by writing your blog content in-house may not be worth it if the content doesn’t do what it is supposed to: convert readers into leads and leads into new customers.

You could outsource blog writing to a blog writing service.

By using the writing skills and marketing expertise of professional blog writers, you will be able to build trust and credibility for your business by offering quality information that will satisfy existing customers and attract new ones. By outsourcing your blog writing, you will meet your content marketing goals and allow you and every member of your staff to do what they do best: run your business.

Obviously, hiring professional blog writers will be an additional budget item. An important question here is, will the added expense be offset by the amount you saved by not having to constantly write blog articles yourself, or by assigning the additional duty of blog writing to someone on your staff? When your blog starts getting a lot of attention, begins creating consumer engagement and generates new leads, a professional blog writer becomes an incredible asset to your business.

You could use a combination of blog writers.

Another viable option is to spread out the work. You could write featured articles for your blog, delegate other articles in-house, and obtain the assistance of professional blog writers for really special projects. This approach would prevent you and your staff from being overburdened and allow you to save some content marketing dollars at the same time.

One drawback to this approach would involve maintaining consistency in your blog content. In order to present your business in an honest and transparent way, all content must have the same tone and feel. Maintaining consistency will be challenging if several different writers are creating the content. Another issue will be the overlapping of blog article topics.

Whatever option you choose in generating blog articles, it is important to understand that every single piece of web content you use represents your business. One of the most important aspects of effective content marketing is to provide content that is original, informative, relevant, well-written, and error-free. Your blog content may be the only contact you make with potential customers and online, you really do get only one chance to make a good first impression.

At BlogMutt, our talented team of blog writers are wordsmiths, and that’s all we do. We craft blog articles in a way that makes your message user-friendly. Contact us today and hire us to enhance your content marketing efforts by writing quality articles that people and search engines appreciate.

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