Mastering Feedback: You Give It, Writers Use It


Feedback is the absolute best way to communicate which posts work for your business and which ones don’t.

Writers love this information so they can better understand the specific needs of your business and keep generating the best content they can for your particular blog. Providing constructive feedback on every post will help your posts get better and better over time.

How Can I Give My Feedback?

There are a few different ways you can give your feedback—we use a star rating system, as well as a comment field, for you to quantify the quality of the posts you receive and further elaborate on things that worked or didn’t work about the post.

Five Golden Stars!

The quickest way to leave feedback is to rate with our star system. The scale is 1-5 stars; one star being the lowest rating, five the best.

You’ll be able to rate posts once you sign in. To start, go to the post title you wish to rate. At the bottom right-hand corner of that box are five blank, yellow stars.

Click on whichever star you wish to rate the post.


Leave as many stars as you think the post has earned. When writers see you ranking certain posts at four and five stars, they will likely check those out before they write for you to see what posts you’ve liked the most.

Feedback Is Your Opportunity To Speak Up


This is your opportunity to say what you really think about a post, addressed directly to the writer. What did you like about it? What could be improved?

The best comments are direct and specific, and providing as much commentary as possible often leads to better and better posts as you go. Communicating your expectations as clearly as possible brings the writers in the loop quickly.

Click ‘Leave feedback’ to save your comments and send to the writer.

Examples of Good, Constructive Feedback

feedback comment 1feedback comment 2feedback comment 3

Other Considerations That Will Improve Your Post Quality

  • Please be as constructive and respectful as you can with your feedback for writers. They’ve worked hard on posts for you and genuinely want to see your needs met.
  • Be sure to throw writers a bone when they’ve done a good job. If you’re willing to shell out praise when it’s been earned, writers will keep diligently writing for your blog. Or, mark them as preferred! (Dropdown on the individual writer profile level.)
  • Writers, Verblio, and you can see ratings and comments on past posts to enable a true learning machine in which the posts keep improving.

See a post that you’d like the writer to tweak or can’t use? Check out our blog post about sending posts back for edits or rejecting posts.


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