2 Easy Tips to Make Your Blog Go Viral


There are so many blogs out there, so how can you make yours stand out? Getting your post to go viral is all about attracting readers and keeping them interested. Your blog should be well written and informative, but first it has to capture attention. Here are two easy tips to make your blog go viral.

1. Make your posts image-friendly to go viral:

Humans are visual creatures. When we see an alluring or thought-provoking image we pay attention. Grabbing a potential reader’s attention with an image entices them to read your post.


  • Choose images that stand out and relate to your blog. It’s an effective way to draw readers in.
  • Even better, use gifs! Gifs are a great way of modernizing and spicing up your blog post.
  • Make your images Pinterest-friendly. Having your image and content for a wider audience to see will only increase the traffic to your blog. (Bonus: Add a ‘pin it’ button on your images to create a pin with your image and a short description that you choose.)
  • If you want to build a following on Pinterest specifically, you can take it a step further by adding a ‘follow’ button. Many a post has gone viral simply by tapping Pinterest’s power. This will allow people who follow you to see future blog images that you pin.

2. Make your content screen-friendly to go viral:

It should go without saying that many people read blog posts on their phones or tablets. You’ve hooked them in, and they’re curious about your post, so don’t lose them due to big chunks of text (or worse, not having your content formatted to be mobile-friendly!).


  • Space out your content with paragraphs, bullet points, or subheadings. Subheadings will help guide a reader over the key aspects of your post and bring structure to your content.
  • Eliminate large chunks of texts. It’s overwhelming to a reader, and it might cause someone to choose not to read your post. As a rule, paragraphs shouldn’t run over 3-5 lines, otherwise they’ll compromise readability.
  • Make sure you’ve created an aesthetically appealing post. Take a minute and look over it. Ask yourself if you’d read a post that’s outlined the same way. A post that’s carefully structured, and has information broken down into readable paragraphs or bullet points, is way more likely to entice your viewers to keep reading.

When considering how to make your blog go viral, your goal should be two-fold: draw someone in and communicate with them as efficiently as possible. You want to capture their attention, and keep them interested. Images and content that’s easy to navigate/viewable on all devices will be your two most useful tools to help you achieve this goal.

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