Verblio’s First Hackathon

The What

A hackathon is a design sprint-like event in which participants work together over a short period of time to create real functioning software.

The Goal

Solve a known Verblio business/user problem using technology. Demo the solution at the end of the week. Be judged.

Not-so-secret-other-goal: Nurture the spirit of innovation across our company. Get a marketing person dreaming big with a dev and an ops person and watch what happens.

The When

We did ~24 hours over the course of a week instead of 24-straight hours because a 24-hour zoom call sounds like a nightmare.

The Prizes

There were fancier prizes than this but who cares because look at that iridescent corkscrew:

It is magnificent.

The Teams


Reducing Friction to writers finding great work.


Customers should find giving feedback to writers easy, fun and VALUABLE.

Verblio’s Uban Planning Committee

Civilizing the Wild West with writer certifications and improved audition process.

Optimize Prime

“Optimization is the right of all sentient content”


Customers should LOVE Verblio by receiving great content as soon as possible.

The Week


Our daily slack team challenge mandates that we upload screenshots posing with the things we love:


We’re starting to feel it.


Team slack challenge: “Where’s the lie?!” in which we try to spot untruths about our esteemed colleagues…



The Judges

  • Steve Pockross, CEO, Verblio 
  • Cheryl Gunn, SVP of Operations, LiveOps (heads up all of Client Results and Workforce (agent community, QA, Training))
  • Molly Krumholz, writer community manager + data guru, formerly at Blog Mutt / Verblio
  • Holly Trytten, Director of Platform Technology, Yara International (also formerly at LiveOps)

The Swag

And the winner Is…

Optimize Prime!

By the skin of their teeth…

We laughed, we cried, we built cool stuff. And now…

Annika Nagy

Annika is Verblio’s copywriter and a marketing strategist, specializing in versatile verse-making, wit, whimsy, and alluring alliteration. When not conjuring magic in the creative cave, she enjoys entertaining the team with puns and Venn diagrams. Her hobbies include exploring abandoned places and driving through the desert with her corpulent cuddle cow, Violet the bulldog.

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