3 Reasons Blogging for Real Estate is Important


blogging for real estateWhen it comes to real estate, the most important thing is the sale. That being said, it is a competitive market, and the hardest thing is simply getting people’s attention in order to make that sale. As Patricia Redsicker of Social Media Examiner points out, one Technorati report showed that 82% of influential marketers blog consistently; in another marketer survey, 62% said blogs were the social media form they were most interested in learning about. The evidence is stacking up that blogging is one of the best ways to draw people to your site, which is why blogging for real estate is so important. Here are three more reasons for your real estate page to have a blog.

Search Results

Drawing people in is the most important reason for a blog, period. And with the latest changes to Google’s search algorithm, having a consistent flow of fresh content on your page — at least one new post per week — is the best way to become visible to your audience. Consistent posting and a few strategic keywords can put your site above your competitors when it comes to search results. That means that when people are looking for an agent or property in your area, you are the first page that they come across. Not only does this mean more sales, seeing you at the top or near the top of search results will make searchers instinctively trust you more.

Demonstrating Knowledge

A blog is an excellent place to demonstrate your knowledge of the field. Even if you’re not a fantastic writer, you can hire bloggers to write for you, supplying the topics and information and working with the writers during the editing process to make sure the posts reflect your expertise. A blog well stocked with industry knowledge helps potential buyers trust your opinion and ultimately choose you as a resource when buying or selling a home.

More Services

Blogging is only the beginning when it comes to real estate: it turns out that words are worth a thousand pictures in this industry. One growing market in real estate is descriptive writing services, in which writers essentially write a descriptive short story explaining why your property is so desirable. Writers can also touch up important areas of your page, like the home page and the “about us” section.

We understand that blogging for real estate — and blogging in general — is not easy. It takes time, effort, and some writing skills, and if you don’t have a plan for how to handle it, you probably won’t follow through. That’s where we come in. If you’re ready to start populating your blog and increasing your website traffic, contact us.

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