Blog ghost writing example: Email Vs. Direct Mail


There are companies that specialize in email marketing, and companies that specialize in direct mail. A simple Google search will uncover lots of evils associated with both, and why you should pick one over the other. Perhaps you’re one of those companies that specializes in both. If so, that’s wonderful! You have an opportunity to speak to both sides of the argument, offering suggestions and uses for both, and giving your take on what would work well for the types of customers each of your clients wishes to reach. That’s what a blog is great for. Instead of sending your clients to the Internet to research what other people have to say, you have the chance to position yourself as the expert.

The following is an example that demonstrates how BlogMutt can help you become an authority for your customers. By providing them with the information they’re looking for, you’ll demonstrate your expertise, and immediately become the obvious choice when they’re looking for a marketing company. Also, by including a link to a recent study on the subject, you’ll back up your points, and build their confidence in your business even more.

The debate continues over email marketing vs. direct mail marketing. Which one is better? Which one do people prefer? How do you choose between the two? Both have their advantages, and regardless of which one you choose, you’re bound to find someone who prefers the alternative. The wisest thing you can do is choose both of these great strategies, with the help of a professional marketing service, to maximize your results.

ghost blog writing service and email or mail marketingEmail Marketing

Email marketing has many advantages over direct mail. First of all, email marketing can incorporate more contacts than direct mail can. In one email marketing campaign, you could potentially reach people all around the world. It’s also much less expensive. Like direct mail, it will be of benefit to hire a professional marketing company that employs a team of experts who understand what goes into a targeted email campaign. An expert marketing company will be able to pinpoint the individuals who will benefit the most from receiving your emails, which means that more of them will become customers. This will ensure that your email marketing efforts are as effective as possible.

Direct Mail Marketing

In a recent Epsilon study, it was found that more consumers preferred direct mail marketing more than email marketing. The study indicated that many consumers complained about receiving too much email, and more than half of them never even opened marketing emails. With so many people preferring direct mail, the wisest plan is not completely to abandon this traditional marketing method in favor of email marketing. To do so would be to lose more than half of your customers.

Experts suggest that a combination of both email and direct mail is the way to reach the most people with your marketing campaign. Each of these strategies does a great job at making up for the shortcomings of the other.

A professional marketing service can further help you maximize your results and grow your customer base through targeted lists for both types.

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