Blog Writing for Digital Agencies: Monthly Posting Plans for Clients


If you are a digital agency looking for help with blog writing, you are going to love this new feature from BlogMutt: Total flexibility in scheduling posts.

Our monthly posting plans are officially available to our customers with multiple subscriptions. Here’s looking at you, digital agencies and multiple-small-business owners.

Before with BlogMutt we required every subscription to get at least one post delivered every single week.

That works well for most businesses, but some agencies really needed us to fit better with their blog writing workflows, which is why we built this new feature.

Now whenever an agency starts a new subscription, they can claim all the posts they need for that month-long billing cycle whenever they need to.

How does it work?

It’s pretty easy. When you go to add another subscription to your agency umbrella, all the steps will remain the same until this plans page.

Now, there’s an option for monthly “batch” posting.


Once selected, the weekly options will go away, and you can pick however many posts you need monthly for a given client. I chose “7” for this illustration.


At the bottom of the page, you’ll get an overview of what you’ll be paying monthly. (Since you’re an agency, you’ll still get the 10 percent discount, too.)


You’ll also be able to switch your current subscriptions (as long as you have more than one) from weekly to monthly in Subscription Info.

Got questions? Of course you do.


Is this available for everyone? I’m a small business and only want to blog twice per month.

No. Right now, this feature is available to BlogMutt customers with multiple subscriptions. If you are a small business owner and only need monthly posting, you must sign up a second subscription (another company/blog you write for) to unlock this agency feature.


How quickly can I expect to get my monthly posts this way?

In the first week or so of your billing month (depending on your volume, of course). Our writers are quick — we write thousands of posts every month.

Make sure to alter your Email Preferences to get notified as soon as there are new posts in the queue to review, and the quicker you take delivery of the posts, the quicker the writers will fill up your queue.


Can I just combine my clients into one subscription and order a bunch of monthly posts?

That won’t work with the BlogMutt system. Our writers carefully craft posts for each customer according to the individual company’s tone/format preferences, minimum specifications, and topics.

If you tried to combine multiple clients in one subscription, it would end up with a lot of writer confusion, favoritism of topics, and agency/client heartache.

Not good.


What’s the pricing look like for this?

Pricing starts at $20/post (plus tax) at the ‘short’ length — 250-599 words/post. The prices are largely the same as under the weekly model.


How do I claim a post?

You’ll need to claim every post manually (since we will no longer be pushing them to you automatically each week).

So, what we recommend is setting a reminder to hop into your account 1-2 weeks after the beginning of your billing month to check out the posts available and either send for edits or claim manually by ranking those you want to claim and clicking ‘post the top one now’ link to get the posts delivered instantly.


I’m signing up multiple subscriptions from sign-up. I don’t see this option. Why?

This is not yet available in our initial sign-up process for those agencies new to BlogMutt.

Our advice: Sign up two clients to start, then from your BlogMutt login after activation, you can change those immediately to the frequency of your choosing under Subscription Info.


Other questions you’re still wondering about?

Contact us here, or call us at 303-335-0714.

To see it in action, join an upcoming webinar designed just for agencies:


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