In-Line Editing for Everyone!

Since the beginning of time (or at least the beginning of Verblio), agencies have loved our white label feature. There was one major area for improvement, though, and last month, our product team made it happen.

Tell ’em, Char:

White Label, What?

Hold up. Rewind. If you’re not already familiar with Verblio’s white label feature, here’s a quick summary:

  1. It’s included for free with every agency account.
  2. It allows you to show drafts to clients and get their feedback before you purchase content from Verblio.
  3. It’s your agency’s super secret content weapon, so your client will never know you’re using Verblio.*

What’s New

Previously, in-line editing was only available to Verblio clients, meaning that you as an agency were able to highlight specific changes you wanted in the content, but your clients were only able to leave general comments and feedback for the draft as a whole. 

Now, the same in-line editing functionality is available to both you as an agency and your end clients. Your clients can highlight specific words and phrases they want changed or comment on one particular passage, in addition to leaving general comments. Then, as before, you can review their feedback before passing it back to the writer for revisions.

What’s the Same

As always, the ultimate decision still lies with you as the agency. In addition to requesting edits, your client can choose to accept or reject a piece, but nothing is purchased until you say so. You can add your own edits, or even delete your client’s edits if you think they’re missing the mark. Your client hired you because you’re the expert, and our white label feature will make sure that expertise always stays in the driver’s seat.

Want to dig into the nuts and bolts of our white label service? Get more details (and more Char) at our White Label help page.

Why It Matters

Whether your client is the subject matter expert or just has a lot of opinions, their having the ability to make in-line edits means three things:

  1. more specific, tangible feedback for your writer
  2. better content for your client
  3. happier clients for you

…and that means happier customers for us. (Not that we have any ulterior motive here.)

Did we mention this has been our #1 requested feature?

We have cool project code names like “Fellowine,” which loosely translates to “the almighty Fellowship of In-Line Editing.”

The things we do for you guys.

Already a customer? Request some content and try our new white label for yourself!

Not a Verblio customer but want to be? Schedule a demo and see our platform in action.

* If your client is a codebreaker for the NSA, they *might* be able to figure out you’re working with us. But if your client is a codebreaker for the NSA, we have other, more important questions.

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Megan Skalbeck

Megan has been following the world of AI since the initial GPT release in 2018. As Head of AI Projects at Verblio, she's responsible for figuring out the best ways to blend the capabilities of artificial intelligence with the quality of our human freelance writers. When she's not doing tech things, she's making music, writing existentialist fiction, or getting reckless on two wheels.

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