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Do you have a business whose primary customers are fun-loving and adventurous foodies? Whether you provide catering services, exotic ingredients, trendy kitchen gadgets, or tips and recipes, you want to fill your blog with information that your clients will find useful, will help build excitement around their interests, and increase their a desire for your products or services.

Consider the sample blog below, which highlights a unique offering to this company’s food-loving customer base:


“Improv Gourmet” – An Exhilarating Evening of Improv with a 5-Star Chef

When one thinks of “improv” a lot of things spring to mind, but “gourmet” isn’t usually one of them – and a 5-Star Chef likely isn’t at the forefront of your thinking in that context either, right?

blogging for foodies blogmuttWell, that’s exactly what makes the idea of “Improv Gourmet” so exciting. Even the name is intriguing!

The essence of an Improv Gourmet evening centers around a stimulating fusion of unbridled creativity, succulent ingredients and free-spirited fun.

Imagine this: you and several of your closest friends gather together in the comfortable, welcoming environment of your own home. You assemble an array of your favorite delectables and challenge an authentic 5-Star Chef to surprise, delight, and entertain you, all while improvising a tantalizing and utterly unique dining experience right before your eyes.

The Chef enthralls you with fascinating tales of eccentric eateries, food customs around the globe, and her personal adventures in world-renowned kitchens, simultaneously composing a culinary symphony that transcends anything you thought possible from the humble assortment of ingredients you provided.

It’s a joy-filled and exhilarating evening that you and your guests will never forget. In fact, you will likely be so anxious to repeat the experience that before the night is through, you’ll already be thinking of even more exotic items to include in your mix next time around — just to see if you can stretch the Chef’s talents even further!

An exclusive evening like this far surpasses anything you’ll find in a typical fine dining establishment, yet it’s comparable in affordability. So collect your ingredients, devise the most creative challenge you can imagine, and let us arrange your Improv Gourmet dinner with a 5-Star Chef.


Sounds like a captivating evening, doesn’t it? And you can captivate your customers with what you have to offer, too, by using your blog to connect with them through well-written articles on a consistent and ongoing basis. It’s vitally important to always keep things fresh. Nothing kills interest quicker than checking in on a blog only to find that it’s as stale as old bread. But it can be a challenge to continually develop engaging blog content while trying to focus on actually running your business.

But here’s the good news: the professional writers at BlogMutt are up to the challenge of blogging for the adventerous gourmet.

We’re excited about providing the hint of humor, pinch of passion, or swirl of swagger that your adventurous foodies will find fresh, informative, and make them want to return to your blog – and your company – again and again.

Contact us today. We’d love to get things stirring for you.


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