How Blogging for Ecommerce is Like Photosynthesis


Remember your 9th grade botany lesson on photosynthesis? You may have had to memorize a long definition that began with “Photosynthesis is the process in which…” It was, for most of us, one of those “learn it and forget it” experiences where we yawned and moved on, in the ill-informed certainty that we would never again use that information.

blogging for ecommerce blogmuttMany of us were probably more inclined to hone skills that required an ability to synthesize knowledge and write coherently. Similes, metaphors, and analogies were often the stuff of our inspiration, and here is where–albeit somewhat tongue in cheek–we will connect the dots between photosynthesis and blogging for ecommerce.

Returning to our botany lesson, photosynthesis is the process in which organic compounds combine from carbon dioxide and water and release oxygen using the energy of the sun.

Stay with us here; an “aha!” moment approaches: Blogging for ecommerce is a process where good writing and web design combine to release the type of oxygen that web crawlers crave–using the energy of search engines powered by, you know, user searches.

So connecting the ideas of photosynthesis with blogging might qualify as a simile, if you use the word “like,” or a metaphor if you just say “blogging is a photosynthesis.” (Don’t worry. There won’t be a quiz here.)

On the other hand, it all may just be sort of a second cousin to a bad pun. To be fair, though, we never introduced the term “blogosynthesis” (until just now). If you groaned when you read that, welcome to the world of bad puns.

Whichever figure of speech brings together blogging and photosynthesis, there is a seriously interesting point to be made here: another aspect of photosynthesis is that plants store its products as cellular energy.

You’re way ahead of the learning curve if you have already made the connection that a relevant, timely, and informative blog is part of the “cellular energy” of any ecommerce website. Web crawlers seek to compound the effects of great content into the exposure ecommerce websites need to manufacture the chlorophyll-green big bucks.

And since you read this far, we shall reward you with a science joke:

Q: What did amoeba say to protoplasm?

A: Don’t bacilli!

If you don’t get it, ask a science major to pronounce “bacilli” for you. Your geeky science friend may not get the joke, but you’ll surely recognize yet another bad pun.

OK. So maybe you don’t think that the “don’t bacilli” gag is adequate recompense for your patient reading of this piece. However, if you’re looking for great ecommerce web content from writers who can connect your ecommerce website with that relentless amoeba-like web crawler, contact us. You will definitely be rewarded with good copy at an astonishingly reasonable price.


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