Blogging For Electricians: Shockingly Simple


It must be hard not to get a charge out of blogging for electricians. With so many topics to choose from (and so many electricity jokes to make), it’s hard to imagine somebody not ready to blog about electricians and their profession.

Possible Blogging Topics:

Electrician working at a home construction site

History of Electricity

Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, George Westinghouse, and the War of Currents! The drama surrounding these figures in the 19th century provides more than enough fodder for a multi-post “History of Electricity” series. We are positive that your readers would find such posts enlightening!


In a way, an electrician is only as good as her tools. Dear to her heart are her screwdrivers, multimeters, and knives. Without them, she would find work impossible. With constant innovation always just around the corner, though, as well as many specialty tools on offer, there is always room for a post or two about acquiring, using, and maintaining a good tool belt. Such posts are sure to generate some attention.

Alternative Energy

Electricians not only know how to harness and direct energy, but they also are aware of the many ways in which energy can be produced: solar, wind, water, etc. They are sure to enjoy posts on alternative energy–sure to enjoy them watts and watts!

Current Events

With recent developments, research, and new ways to crack old problems, the possibilities for this category are almost limitless. A little research will ensure that you do not miss anything shocking that is developing in the world of electricity.

Forced jokes and silly puns aside, blogging for electricians is much like blogging for any other niche market: first, identify your audience, then speak to their specific interests and needs via well-written and well-researched posts.

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