Blogging For An HVAC Company: Must-Have Articles


If you’re blogging for an HVAC company, there are certain blog topics that you should include on the site. Below are three of the most important.

What Happens During a Maintenance Visit?blogging for an hvac company

All HVAC contractors would like for customers to sign up for a long-term maintenance contract in which the company annually carries out a checklist of maintenance tasks. Unfortunately, most potential customers have no idea just what these tasks are and how the customers will benefit by having the tasks done. Have an article on the blog that describes (step-by-step and without too much jargon) exactly what happens during one of these maintenance visits. Don’t forget to include photos.

What Happens If You Don’t Do Maintenance?

Homeowners are accustomed to things simply working when they push a button or turn a dial. Because of this, they often don’t appreciate the consequences of not performing regular maintenance. You should have an article on your blog that describes the problems that can result when HVAC systems are not properly maintained. Again, adding some images can be a big help. A very effective way to get the reader’s attention is to list the price tag for the repairs that had to be made because of poor maintenance.

Tell the story of a specific job.

One of the most engaging articles any HVAC blog can provide its readers is one that tells the story of a specific job for a specific customer. Along with before-and-after photos, you should try to answer the questions that the readers might have about the project, such as:

  • Which brand and model did the owners decide to install and why?
  • What is the efficiency of the new system versus the old? You might want to throw in the SEER numbers at this point.
  • How long did the installation take and were there any problems?
  • What were the costs involved? Too often, HVAC companies shy away from this topic, even though it’s probably the most important thing to the customer.

As a part of this, don’t forget to include some comments from the owners about the new system. Testimonials never hurt.

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