Blogging for Lunch Money — A Sanctuary for the Starving Student


College is expensive, and not just because of tuition. Textbooks, lab fees, and the cost of living in a college town can exhaust nearly everyone’s means. Many students may have to do some creative planning when there’s more month remaining at the end of the money. Starving students have been known to spend their lunchtime in the library, where food isn’t allowed, which makes a virtue of necessity when you can’t afford to buy lunch.

Instead of contemplatively listening to your stomach rumble, ponder this: there’s extra money to be made in composing online content — blogging.

It involves all the same research and writing skills that have gotten you this far in higher education. Can you write a 300-word summary of a new item about hacker threats to computer networks? How about an equally short rundown on how your university accommodates students with disabilities?

If you’re the type who answers a question with a question, you might be asking two questions: (1) why blog?; and (2) why would someone want to pay me? The answers are:

1. because blogs are like those extra-credit research assignments that prop up your GPA, except blogs prop up the customer’s chances to get found on the web, and

2. because the web is a hungry devourer of content, and people hawking goods and services often can’t sit still long enough to do their own writing.

Even though it probably goes without saying, it must be said here that you need to be able to write your way out of a paper lunch bag if you expect someone to pay you for your work. College students are mature enough to eschew the text writing style that avoids the red-inked frowny-faced “OMG!” from the professor.

Also, if you know what eschew means and can make a subtle but witty allusion to the fact that the word reminds you of the sound you make when you sneeze, you’ll pass muster and make your client smile as your blogging income stream gets going. You keep that stream going with quality items based on the greatest research resource in the history of civilization: the world-wide web.

Blogging for lunch money and other college expenses is an ideal part-time avocation that will keep you inside when others are walking to work in the snow. There are tons of potential customers out there who subscribe to content-writing services and get their copy from writers of all ages and backgrounds.

If you’re interested in getting off to a fast start and don’t have the wherewithal to do your own client hunting, contact us. We have tons of subscribers looking for fast, quality work. We’ve done the marketing and selling, so you can do the writing.

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