Blogging For Niche Audiences

blogging for niche audiences Think of successful blogging using a fishing analogy: you’re trying to catch a particular kind of fish!

There’s really no getting around it: blogging for niche audiences can be challenging. Just for fun, think about blogging in terms of fishing. Blogging for a wider market is like seine fishing. You are casting a wide net, in hopes that doing so will scoop something up. Blogging for a niche market, however, is more like baiting a hook and trying to catch a few very particular fish.

In practical terms, the difference between blogging for a wide market and blogging for a niche audience shows itself in the intent of each post. Instead of trying to cast the net wide by covering as much popular ground as possible, and catching random readers, each post centers on something that both the writer and the specific audience are passionate about. In that way, a niche blogger can reel in readers one-by-one.

The good news is that having a niche blog almost guarantees a following. The more narrow your niche, the less blogging competition you will have. If someone launches a Google search for parenting blogs, yours is likely to get lost in the shuffle of many popular sites. Blog about something more narrow, however, such as creative mustache grooming, and you’re much more likely to find your blog at the top of the search engine pile.

One of the best ways to ensure traffic to your blog is simply to make sure that you fill it with good writing. Take, for example, the popular blog The Art of Manliness, which has gained a wide readership across gender lines due to the consistently high quality of its offerings. Although most readers will never find themselves asking out a woman in the 1950s, or escaping from a sinking car, the quality of the blog posts keeps readers faithfully coming back.

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