Blogging for Nonprofits: 9 Compelling Reasons You SHOULD Be Doing It!


Nonprofits are serious about content marketing, according to a recent study by the Content Marketing Institute. They found that 92 percent of nonprofits are using social media, blogging, email, and videos for their content marketing efforts. While the findings blogging for nonprofitsshow that fundraising is often the primary motivation, there are some other interesting reasons why blogging for nonprofits is advantageous.

1. Trust. Donors naturally get nervous about charity scams. Reassure them of your credibility with a regularly updated and substantial blog.

2. Postal increases. The Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers is fighting the recent USPS rate increases. Whatever happens, digital communications look more efficient than ever: dissemination of information is faster and cheaper through a blog.

3. Networking. Discover new program partners and supporters. Make it easier for people to find your organization online.

4. Awareness. Unlike businesses that need to make sales, just spreading the word may complete at least part of your job. A blog can share the latest research about a disease or educate people about the risk factors.

5. Call to action. Use your blog to promote change. Encourage members to call their member of Congress or modify their lifestyle.

6. Stories. Make a lasting impression by telling personal stories. It beats dry facts.

7. Two way communication. Your constituents may want to talk back. Strive to represent the people you serve.

8. Nontraditional volunteers. Can you even remember back when women who didn’t work outside the home did most of the volunteering? Today, you may get a helping hand from anyone anywhere who reads your blog.

9. Fundraising. We’re not saying that fundraising isn’t important. In fact, addressing additional areas of emphasis may bring in more money and fuel more progress.

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