Blogmutt is not a rock


blogmutt is not a rockThings have been going so well for Blogmutt that it seems like a million years ago that we were trying to figure out our name. Turns out it was just a few months ago.

We would have loved to be BlogDog or some variation on that, but domain squatters are sitting on those. We thought about going with some purebred name, but that just didn’t sit right. Purebreds are great animals, but they are more likely to be high maintenance. We wanted to create a service that would be super easy for businesses who need blog content. And when we say that “We work like a dog to fill up your blog” people tend to believe that when our name is Blogmutt, and they might not if our name was BlogPomeranian.

And we wanted the name to be memorable. If we went with BlogSchnauzer, people might have trouble remembering that and would be looking for BlogTerrier, BlogBeagle, etc. Or they might be looking for one of those designer dogs, like a cross between a Bulldog and a Shih Tzu. Hmmm, what would that be called?

Anyway, because our family dog is a mutt, we had a model for the earliest version of our logo.

We weren’t too worried about any stigma associated with mutts. If there was any stigma before it vanished when the President Elect of the United States declared that he was a mutt.

One or two people have tried to tell us that our name is bad, that we should go with something more descriptive like or something.

So we loved loved loved reading this amazing post by an internet sensation known as Fake Grimlock. If we hadn’t named ourselves Blogmutt before this post, you’d think that our name was inspired by it.

We hope that we have, as Grimlock might say, INTERESTING PRODUCT THAT GIVE FRIENDS MEANING.

We give our customer friends a way to cross something off their to-do list that just bums them out every single week. We give our freelance writer friends an opportunity to write without having to go out and find new customers.

So, Wade and I will continue to BURN to make sure Blogmutt works for our friends.

Thanks, Fake Grimlock! And please don’t eat us!


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