Attending Burning Man or INBOUND?

We are more alike than we are different

36% of our team attended INBOUND and 21% of our team attended Burning Man this year. 


We were going to make a Venn diagram comparing the two, but then we realized it would look more like a solar eclipse than a Venn diagram. Sure, corporate branded t-shirts and LED-light up tutus are a world apart, but really, it’s all just people dressing alike to fit in.

A table comparing Burning Man and Inbound

Both events are kind of cult-like and you can’t help but get swept up. Drink the kool-aid, Burners and ‘Bounders, because we’re all in this together.

Decompression is a b*tch

A close examination of the agendas for each event yielded similar findings. 

INBOUND talk or Burning Man event?

  • Creating a Unicorn
  • Morning Meditative Flow
  • Rediscover Your Lioness Within
  • How to Find and Stand Out as Your Most Authentic Self
  • Crafting Your Why: A Facilitated Session on Finding Your Why
  • Creating True Connections in a World of Distraction and Disengagement
  • Tech Communication is Art. Learn the Brush Strokes
  • Craving Human Connection in a Digital World
  • Co-Create: Creating Better Together
  • Poop to Gold LIVE

Surprise! They’re all INBOUND talks. Dang, you marketing people are getting really woo these days.

Nice Robot Heart sunglasses

Burning Man events that should be exported to INBOUND

  • Eurotrash Sundown Sangria
  • Nicholas Cage Coloring Chill Space
  • Electrolytes & Salty Snacks
  • Combobulation Station
  • Oingo Boingo Butt Bongo Jam Therapy w/Bread
  • Discovery Dungeon Tour
  • Sassy Granny Invasion
  • Lazer Maze Obstacle Course
  • Circus Stilt Walking Lessons
  • Kentucky Fried Breakfast – Bourbon and Bologna 
  • Pirate Yoga
Looks like someone went right from Pirate Yoga to Stilt Lessons

Business card barf-off

Inevitably at either event you’ll get stuck in a 20 minute conversation with a woman named Butterfly or a man named Brent who has big ideas about lead-gen through heart-centered awareness. With robots. They’ll hand you a business card with an absurd title and you’ll just marvel at the state of the world. 

Based on a true story

Can you tell which event produced which titles below?

  1. Professional Weirdo
  2. Director of Buzz Development 
  3. President and Visionary
  4. Rave Rocktor & Treasurer
  5. Chief Experience Officer
  6. Designer of Fun


2, 3, 6 – INBOUND

1, 4, 5 – Burning Man

In conclusion, we are all made of star stuff.

See you all at Burningbound 2020!


Annika Nagy

Annika is Verblio’s copywriter and a marketing strategist, specializing in versatile verse-making, wit, whimsy, and alluring alliteration. When not conjuring magic in the creative cave, she enjoys entertaining the team with puns and Venn diagrams. Her hobbies include exploring abandoned places and driving through the desert with her corpulent cuddle cow, Violet the bulldog.

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