Paulo Coelho, Mindy Kaling, Martha Stewart, And Lauren Conrad Tell You Why To Buy Blog Posts


People use blogs for many different purposes. Some people want to increase sales, while others want to create a good company image. Individuals who write blogs often just want to be heard and to connect with others on the internet. Everyone wants to find fans and become popular in their own right. This is the reason why many celebrities have taken to blogging. And sometimes, they even write about the process of blogging. Here are a few celebrity quotes about blogging that might inspire you to buy blog posts.

“Once I found this possibility to use Twitter and Facebook and my blog to connect to my readers, I’m going to use it, to connect to them and to share thoughts that I cannot use in the book.”Paulo Coelho.

In this article in the New York Times, Coelho dispels the myth that a writer is supposed to sit in his ivory tower and write. A writer can be a social person, connecting with others. If you’re a writer or an artist of some kind and would like to build a following using a blog or social media, it would help to buy more blog posts.

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“Twitter is so short, it’s safe. I don’t want my bosses to be like, ‘Hey, your script is due and we saw you wrote four blog pages.” – Mindy Kaling.

A humorous quote from comedienne Mindy Kaling as published in Fast Company magazine, this shows that blogging can become quite addictive. For individuals, this is because they get to share what they’re thinking with others on the internet. For companies as well, it’s easy to start writing more once you realize that you can write about anything, as long as it’s loosely related to your product or service.

“Franchesca and Sharkey, my French bulldogs, have their own blog. And they are brilliant at it.” – Martha Stewart.

This quote is from a 2009 interview with Martha Stewart in Bloomberg Business Magazine (the blog she talks about isn’t up any more). The quote goes to show the versatility of the blog, which can be written by anyone — even bulldogs! So it doesn’t matter what your business or product is. You can still blog about it. And if, for some reason, you’d like to have a blog under an assumed name, this is also possible.

“Blogging is a great way to show your talents and interests to prospective employers, while adding an edge to your resume. If you blog consistently, it shows dedication, passion and creativity—all of which are key attributes employers look for in job candidates.” – Lauren Conrad.

Although Conrad is talking from the point of view of a candidate looking for a job, the same thing can be applied to a company looking for new customers. Blogging will show your customers how talented and interesting your team is. And if you blog consistently, your customers will see that you’re dedicated, passionate, and creative.

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