Buy Blog Posts To Give You Enough Speed To Outrun The Bear


If you’ve ever been in a sales or marketing meeting, someone up the food chain from you has probably trotted out the old trope about the tennis shoes and the bear.

It goes like this: Joe and Mike had been hiking for hours and when they reached a stream they took off their shoes to soak their feet. That’s when they spot a huge grizzly bear. Mike began putting on his shoes, and Joe blurts out: “Man, shoes aren’t going to help you outrun that bear!”

Mike calmly replies: “No, but they can help me outrun you.”

buy blog posts to outrun your competition

As a small business owner, you probably have one or more bears on your tail right now. If you continue to promote your products or services in the same old traditional manner, the bears will go through you like a sack of dog food.

How do you keep ahead? Your business blog can give you the speed you need.

Companies big and small are figuring it out. Many major companies, like Starbucks, are using a blog to actually develop new products based on the comments and opinions of consumers.

If you have time, you could produce content that will actually allow consumers to feel they’ve learned something new. (If you don’t have time, you can buy blog posts from us.)

A frequently updated business blog will allow you to outrun the bears, by giving your prospects and customers what they want – information. Today, the average consumer is better educated and more aware of just how businesses operate. They see advertising from the time they get up in the morning, until the last commercial on the late local news. People are just sick and tired of advertising, they want information.

If you have doubts as to whether a blog can be an important part of your marketing strategy, take a couple of minutes to watch this video of an interview with Bill Marriott on NBC Nightly News. Bill Marriott is a billionaire and is the past Chairman and CEO of Marriott International. Mr. Marriott had so much confidence in the power of a blog that he actually wrote the content personally. Of course, he has a huge staff to do everything else. If you don’t have that huge of a staff, well, BlogMutt can help you with the blog writing.

Contact us today and we’ll start helping you be competition, instead of having to worry about it. At BlogMutt, not only do “We work like a dog to fill up your blog,” we are thinking of adding a new motto: “We write with care to help you outrun that bear!”

Editor’s note: Today is Ken Bradford day around BlogMutt. Not only did he write this great post for our blog, he wrote a nice post about BlogMutt for his blog. (It’s not really Ken day, it’s just a coincidence.) We’ve had a couple of writers saying nice things about us lately, including this fun one from Christina Nowacki. As the CEO I have to say that I love my job. We hear all the time from customers that they really appreciate the great human touch that we put in every post, and we hear from writers that they love having the opportunity to write for real businesses and do something meaningful for them. They also love our very supportive community of writers. And they like getting paid, of course, for something that they can do on a totally flexible schedule. Will you be joining us as a writer or a customer this week? — Scott

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