Why The Competition Is Outsourcing Its Content Marketing Operations


In a 2014 content marketing study, it was discovered that B2B-oriented marketing platforms are increasing their budgets to provide high-quality blog content. This demand for high-value content has led to a marked increase in the outsourcing of content creation.

content marketing A smart content-marketing strategy that includes dedicated blogging will lead to an increase in both traffic and sales.

The Modern B2B World Is Hungry for Content

Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of business-oriented marketing firms are allocating a greater portion of their marketing budgets towards content marketing in the upcoming 12 months. Research goes on to justify this influx of demand by reporting that 90 percent of companies have blogs and are utilizing the blogs as a strategic resource in demand generation. The blogs with good content marketing strategies gain more traffic, increased sales, and even become thought leaders in their industry.

While it was generally considered standard practice to have a small in-house team to generate content, companies utilizing such a business model in the modern content paradigm are finding themselves left behind by competition that is willing to outsource and thereby publish more targeted content. Data goes one to show how 68 percent of companies surveyed had outsourced some of their content development needs in the past 12 months of operation.

The Demand For Content Solutions Is Forecast To Increase In The Next Year

Fifty-one percent of marketing firms and company advertising divisions reported that they are planning to outsource demand generation, and 27 percent of those reported that they planned to outsource their content writing. Many of those choosing to do this have encountered roadblocks, as coordinating content strategy and demand generation can be challenging when operating with two separate third-party solutions.

Overcoming the difficulties associated with outsourcing content strategy and creation are companies like BlogMutt, a one-stop solution that provides articles written on a weekly basis to stay ahead of the competition. One of our hundreds of talented writers will create fresh, niche-specific, and brand-driven content pieces for your company’s blog. Contact us today and watch your visibility and authority grow, as we work like a dog to fill up your blog.

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