Content Marketing to Millennials


Lately, you might be hearing a lot about the so-called Millennials — that demographic between the ages of 18 and 34 who are changing the world with their approach to media, and their different ways of doing things. From technology to entertainment, Millennials spend money differently from those who came before them. Most Millennials grew up with technology, went to college, and see the world through their devices. Practical Ecommerce points out that Millennials don’t want the same things that previous generations wanted. Millennials don’t want to own homes and automobiles. They like to spend money on clothes, food, electronics, and entertainment. And they are very comfortable shopping online.

This change in how they spend money has also changed the face of content marketing. Marketing to the Millennials is different from how you would market to Baby Boomers or even to Generation X. While Millennials aren’t a strictly homogenous group, take these tips into consideration when looking to target that Millennial portion of the population:

Get Smart – The Millennials are an information generation. They can’t remember a time when there wasn’t the internet, and they are quick to use it. They will research, compare, and look for deals before making purchases. They will talk to their friends on social media sites, and read reviews before buying. They don’t go for limited time offers or overpriced items. They are shopping savvy with their smartphones in hand.

blogmutt content marketingMemevertising – Move with the times and get a sense of humor that Millennials will understand. The genre of memes started in the 1980s and strikes the right funny bone with Millennials. From the Grumpy Cat to Good Guy Greg, the meme can be a perfect way to market to this generation. They love to feel like they are in on the joke and that they “get it.” Memes also have the benefit of being memorable and shareable.

Go Mobile – There aren’t many Millennials out there who don’t have some type of device which they are plugged into most of the time. From smartphones to tablets, and laptops to desktops, Millennials are the most connected generation yet. But more than that, they use it for everything from entertainment to purchasing. They bypass snail mail, and even television commercials, and instead, pay attention to mobile optimized emails and texts. To catch this market, you have to go where they are — on their mobile devices.

Blog About It – Blogging is the Millennials’ version of news. When they are looking for their how-to information, the latest trends, or world news, they are generally more apt to read about it from blogs, rather than from traditional news outlets. The idea that Millennials are not readers is not true. Studies have shown that they actually spend more time reading than past generations — Millennials just read differently, and predominantly on the internet. So if you want your content to reach them, you have to go where they are, and put it into a format they like: blogs.

This young generation is not just a bunch of kids who will grow up and change. Instead, they will change the world and how things are done, and are doing so now. The Millennial way of approaching technology, ideas, and their ways of innovating are not just flashes in the pan. For businesses who want to avoid getting left behind, it’s best adapt with the times and start marketing to the Millennials who are the future old generation.

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