Dawn of a Crowdsourced Blog Writing Service


There’s nothing new under the sun.

We should acknowledge right here that Blogmutt, while a unique blog writing service, has many elements that come from the best practices on the web these days.

First, the idea of blogging is not all that new, of course. Also, the idea of crowdsourcing is now well established. Companies like 99designs, Trada, and Threadless are now well established, and it’s clear that the concept of many people working on one problem works to come up with better solutions.

What we have not seen before is the concept of crowdsourcing for regular blog content.

Here’s how it works with Blogmutt:

You sign up to be a customer of Blogmutt. You’ll tell us, and our writers, about your site. Once you’ve done that, we’ll provide you with a choice of blog posts written just for you.

The posts will come from our network of writers, and they will go to work for you.

On a schedule we’ve agreed on, we will present you with a set of blog posts. You pick your favorite each week. That’s it. Our current customers in our closed beta trial tell us that they love the fact that blogging has moved off the to-do list, and onto the “done” list. They’ve also described the process as “fun!”

Over time, we (you, us and the writers working Blogmutt) will learn just exactly what you like from a blog post. Blogmutt is designed from the ground up to be a learning machine. We’ll be learning about you with every post, and we’ll also be learning about what works best on the web from all the posts.

If you are interested in participating in our closed beta test, the list is still somewhat long, but we are adding customers every week so the sooner you sign up, the sooner your name on the list will pop up, and the sooner you’ll be able to take blogging off your to-do list.

So, sign up today on the Blogmutt home page.

Thanks for reading!


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