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Managing content with BlogMutt just got easier. Read up on the big announcement here.



We’ve made quite a few changes, all in accordance with the feedback we’ve heard again and again from our customers over the past five years. And eureka! The day is finally here when it all got a lot simpler, cleaner, and flexible-r.

Want the quick rundown? Here are the improvements we’re excited to announce today:

  • Monthly plans now available, starting at 1 post/month
  • Opt for monthly auto-delivery (or keep claiming manually for you control freaks out there) 
  • And if you opt for auto-delivery, customize the schedule by time, day, and time zone (here’s looking at you, Aussie customers!)
  • Simpler pricing (holy moly was that was long overdue)

Need more details? Let’s dive in deeper.

The Problem

To our excellent customers (and those customers we missed out on over the years), we’ve heard what you’ve been saying. Weekly plans aren’t working for you. Not all of you, anyway.

From the beginning at BlogMutt, we’ve championed the benefits of blogging weekly for any small business or marketing agency: keeping brand top of mind, establishing you/your company as a thought leader, maximizing SEO opportunity, having enough fresh, consistent content for social media/email campaigns… we could go on.

We still hold this to be true. Every opportunity you create to connect with a potential or current customer through content is a worthwhile venture. Blogging just happens to be one of the easier, cost-effective ways to do this.

Yes, you should blog weekly, in the same way you should eat green, leafy vegetables and exercise every day. However, as our co-founder Scott Yates puts it, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.” (So did Voltaire, apparently. I’ll leave it to you to decide who said it first.)

That being said, we’ve dreamed up a more time-efficient way to keep up with your content and manage on your schedule than from within the confines of a weekly model (because, well, life happens), called flexible scheduling.


BlogMutt’s Solution: Flexible Scheduling

In that spirit, setting aside time weekly just for blogging may not be feasible for small businesses looking to scale up their digital footprint or agencies striving to deliver regular, quality content for their clients. It’s crucial to note that the importance of blogging consistently hasn’t diminished, but without a doubt, there has to be a more time-efficient way to manage content.

Some of you have long since graduated from the weekly nagging feeling of needing to hop into your BlogMutt queue before the Thursday 12pm MT deadline. You’re running more advanced editorial calendars these days, planning your months in advance, dreaming up topics quickly, and need to enlist the help of a content writing service that can keep up.

Increasingly, we’ve heard feedback that frontloading posts each month is a priority. With scheduling features on every blogging platform and editorial calendars driving regular content production (and awesome content providing services like BlogMutt), agencies are finding it invaluable to be able to plug in all of a client’s monthly posts in just one sitting, rather than setting aside time each week to do so.

We get it. We hear you. And now, we offer solutions to help.

What’s New

1. New Subscriptions Are All Monthly

These offer more flexibility than allowed on our weekly plans. When you opt for monthly posts, you unlock the ability to choose when to receive your posts every month.

Additionally, with monthly plans, you have your pick of how many posts to receive per month. If you need 9 posts/month, or 13 posts/month, or 38 posts/month, we’ve got you! We’ve found our historical plans of 1, 2, 3, or 5 posts/week just don’t serve the unique, varying needs of our customers.

So now, the options are endless…



2. Opt In (or Out) of Auto-Delivery

Some of our customers don’t like receiving posts when they don’t expect to. Totally understandable. We can admit that the Thursday 12pm MT send-time wasn’t the easiest concept to grasp.

So, we won’t send posts to you automatically, unless you want us to. If you opt out, you’ll be able to claim all posts manually.

But if auto-delivery works great with your process, the option is still available. You’ll just need to select ‘Automatically Deliver My Posts’ and choose a schedule, which brings us to…

3. Customize Your Delivery Schedule

Once you opt for monthly posting and auto-delivery, you’ll get to customize your delivery schedule based on your individual needs.

Are Thursdays super slammed for you? Don’t schedule your delivery then.

Only have time on the last weekend of the month to check out the queue because your weeks are so hectic? Let our writers know that’s when you’ll be claiming posts.

Plus, you’ll be able to pick a delivery time, too, based on your time zone and preferred delivery method. 




Please note: You will only be able to pick your scheduling time once a month. So be sure it’s definitely what you want when you click ‘Update Schedule’.


That all sounds great. But how do I make the switch?

If you’re ready to make the big switch from a weekly to monthly plan, you can do this on the ‘Subscription Info’ page.

A NOTE OF CAUTION: You won’t be able to switch back to a weekly plan from monthly once it’s been done. However, you can change the number of posts you need on a monthly plan as needed.

Here’s how:





And you’re off to the races!

Ready to make the switch? Login here to make changes now.

It is our greatest hope that these changes bring more flexibility, control, and transparency to your content development experience with BlogMutt. As always, we are open to feedback, gripes, and pats on the back. Please let us know what you think by shooting an email to support [at], and thanks for being awesome.



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