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Blogging is big business these days, and marketing experts often stress the importance of having a blog for your business. The tips they offer usually includes blogging quality content, posting regularly, and replying to all comments. Another idea that many marketing gurus share is guest blogging. But when you are blogging for ecommerce, the job can be challenging enough without guest blogging for someone else.

Because guest blogging has such myriad benefits, it’s worth looking into. Among the benefits are reaching a wider target audience, creating relationships with others in your industry, and placing yourself as an expert in your niche. Putting the effort into guest blogging also increases the number of backlinks to your site, which helps Google determine your search engine ranking. But there are some important factors you should keep in mind when guest blogging.

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Do Your Research

Before you write, look at the blog for which you are submitting a guest post, consider the audience, and see what you glean about the business who owns the blog.

Provide Quality Posts

Take the time to create a quality blog post. Don’t just gloss over a topic or push your own site.

Use Visuals

Adding pictures or video to your guest post can liven it up so it’s not dry and boring. No one wants a boring guest.

Share Something Worthwhile

Show why you are a valuable guest blogger. Teach people how to do something great, explain something interesting and new. Give the reader a reason to believe you know your subject.

Leave a Good Impression

Guest blog posts offer you a chance to share a short bio at the end. Tell a little bit about who you are and what you do. Always include a backlink to your own blog or site. But try to avoid trying to make a sale. Instead, capture their interest to come and find out.

Guest blogging may seem like a lot of work, but the effort pays off in the end with increased traffic and prestige in your industry. Don’t forget to return the favors as well. When you are asked to guest blog, offer the opportunity for them to guest blog back. The relationship can be beneficial to both of you by providing quality blog posts for both of your sites. Having a quality blog is one of the best ways to position your e-commerce site as a store that offers better value to its customers.

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