Hiring a Blogger vs. Using a Business Blogging Service


business blogging issuesOnce upon a time, there was a company who wanted blog posts written for their business blog. They tried a few different avenues to get the posts, including hiring a blogger who did an OK job, but wasn’t always focused on the right subjects. They knew that writing the articles themselves would take too long, and they were too busy to try that anyway.

Suddenly…a miracle from heaven! It was an online company that offered free articles that they could customize to their needs. At first, this discovery was incredible. There were so many articles to choose from, but since they were free, the quality wasn’t all that good. It wasn’t long that they realized they’d be spending less time on their blog if they just wrote the articles themselves.

Or they found some free articles that were great, but they didn’t have any exclusive rights to the content, and then they found out that running duplicate content can hurt their SEO instead of help. Yikes!

So, they started looking for another professional blogger.

When they found their blogger, this person was absolutely fantastic. If they could have hand-designed their perfect blogger, this would have been the one. In fact, they were so sure they had a great candidate, they paid ahead for an entire year’s worth of blog posts–one blog post per week. The matter was settled. The blog would be written, and it was one more item they could cross of their To-Do List.

At first, this blogger lived up to the hype. They received timely blog posts with great material that made their company look great. However, like what often happens when hiring a blogger, inconsistency reared its ugly head. It wasn’t long before that blogger started not posting on time. With a little reminder, of course, the blogging would start up again…only to stop once more.

And then end completely. The writer just got tired of the topic, or got a new boyfriend, or took up poetry or who knows. (This is a true story we heard from a customer.)

While this might be a little bit corny, there is a moral to this story that serves any business well. A business blogging service is a great asset to your company. Not only are you guaranteed to have weekly blog posts, but you’re also offering your work to a large group of writers. Your blog posts will be fresh, new and never stale. If one writer tires of your topic, there are a hundred more ready to fill the void. (Sure, your cloud computing company is always interesting to you, but a writer may need to take a break from it for a bit.)

All it takes with BlogMutt is the right set of instructions and a few great keywords to get you started.

If you’d like professional, quality content for your business blog, we’d love to talk to you about what we can provide for you. Contact us today!

Editor’s Note: This is a cute paean to our business by stand-out BlogMutt writer Nicole Colwell. For all its tongue-in-cheek flair, it does get at the core reason — reliability — to trust your blog content creation needs to a team. With BlogMutt, you’ll never have to worry about un-checking that “blogging” to-do when an individual freelancer doesn’t come through for you.

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