How a Blog Writing Service is Like a Chipotle Buffet

My son is a huge fan of Chipotle. If we ever go to Chipotle, he remembers all the details. So if we go after, say, a trip to a hardware store, and then — months later — I notice that we need something from a hardware store, he’ll say, “Let’s go! And then we can stop by Chipotle on the way home!”

And then I have to say, “Son, it’s 8:30 a.m. I don’t think they’re open yet.”

Some things just don’t make sense to an 11-year-old.

Like Every Great Story, It Starts with Blogging

Recently the BlogMutt team attended our local HubSpot User Group. We love these events because we’re a perfect complement to HubSpot’s methodology of inbound marketing. In fact, HubSpot wrote a post on the benefits of frequent blogging.

So often, we’ll get new HubSpot customers who haven’t fully realized the potential of inbound marketing until they set up a blog. To quote HubSpot: “Inbound marketing starts with blogging.”

Yes, Son, There Is A Chipotle Buffet

For logistical reasons, I needed to bring my son with me to this one. My wife asked what we’d do about dinner. I said that they had a Chipotle buffet set up for food, and he could just eat there.

“Wait,” my son says. It’s clear that the reality of this is just starting to sink in.

“You mean they have all the food from Chipotle all set out and I can get whatever I want and get as much as I want?”


What he didn’t say, but you could hear in the tone of his voice, was, “What kind of magical world do you adults live in that you can have Chipotle buffet at events?”

It was fun just being around him and his joy as he discovered this.

Why do I tell this story?

The Magical World of a Blog Writing Service Actually Exists

While the HubSpot user groups and meetings with marketing experts are great, for me they are never as great as meeting small- and medium-sized business operators who know they have to write blog posts to survive in the modern world of online marketing. They know it, and yet they just don’t have the time to write those posts.

And then I tell them that they don’t have to, that they can just hire BlogMutt for as little as $89 a month, and they have what I now call a “Chipotle Buffet” moment. They pause for a moment as it clicks in: “You mean I can get all of my blogging done and I don’t have to write a post?”

It’s true.

Living In This “Magical” World

I love being CEO of BlogMutt. I love that I get to write posts when I want to (like this one) and the rest of the time I can have our 5,000 writers go to town on the others. I love our in-office staff. I love our current customers and our writers. But the really magical moment for me is when I get to tell someone who doesn’t know about the fact that a service like BlogMutt even exists.

DIY vs. DI-BlogMutt

Sure, you could go down to the store, buy the rice, beans, tortillas, salsa, lettuce, chicken, steak, guacamole, peppers, sour cream, and cheese, prep all those things, and make your own Chipotle burrito at home. But if you’re strapped for time or not a cook, you’re just wasting time on something that could’ve been solved with a trip to Chipotle.

Blogging’s no different. Sure, you could research a blog post, write part of it, procrastinate, write the last part of it, find images to include, go back and edit, edit some more, and on and on. But if you’re not a writer or don’t have the time, blogging can be solved with us.

There’s a whole world out there. A world of Chipotle buffets and a blog writing service like BlogMutt. Some people know about these things. Some people don’t.

And to quote Ferris Bueller… “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could miss it.”


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