How To Motivate Yourself To Write: Tips For Content Marketing Inspiration


Up and starting on a new blog post is tough. No doubt.

Up and starting on a new blog post, week after week after week, all while crafting clickable headlines, SEO optimizing, designing engaging visuals, and contemplating best promotion strategy, is tougher still. Especially when you’re not guaranteed a single set of eyes for any post. (Even your mom hasn’t read every post you’ve ever written. Yeah, I said it.)

Such is the hard-knock life for content marketers. There are always new keywords to target, audiences to tap, comprehensive guides to draft, and social posts to whip up and get out the door.



I’ll bet this post is preaching to the choir for BlogMutt’s freelance writers, too.

Before we break out the violins, we have to acknowledge this simple fact: We keep doing it. We stay hungry and continue writing. Why?

How can we as content marketers keep our edge and our desire to strive for greatness, despite the sheer saturation of the content landscape with shouty clickbait rubbish and shallow but addictive listicles that get stupid amounts of traction?

Patrick Armitage, BlogMutt’s own director of marketing, excellent resident writer, and monthly guest blogger for MarketingLand’s blog weighs in on how to motivate yourself to write in his latest MarketingLand guest post here.

If there’s any post worth reading, this one definitely is. Enjoy.



Kali Bizzul

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