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Here’s a rare post I’m actually writing! Well, the first part, anyway… Usually the BlogMutt writers create these posts, and do a great job.

I’m headed to Dreamforce on Wednesday. I’m only there for one day, so I won’t have time see all of the hundreds of exhibitors, let alone take in any of the workshops.

But I do want to visit with people, especially people at the intersection of marketing automation and the of software.

How could I possibly find those?

Well, here’s how I did it: I took a look at the companies that are a part of this amazing landscape of Marketing Automation companies. Then I took a look at the exhibitors at Dreamforce.

Now, there’s a lot with both of those, so it’s possible I missed some, but there are, I think, 24 companies that are in the middle of the Venn Diagram between those two sets.

OK, now to the part that I had help with the writing… I asked BlogMutt writers to do a short description of each one. Here they are in alphabetic order:

Actuate is a software provider and the creator of BIRT. This open-source platform is used to create data visualizations and reports to be embedded into web-based applications. Over three million developers and OEM’s are served. These developers build scalable, secure solutions for analytics to over 200 million individuals. Actuate is also the developer of a deployment platform called BIRT iHub which is intended to improve the productivity of developers of customer-facing applications. They also offer customers analytics on a self-service basis, designed to enhance customer engagement by processing, personalizing and archiving high-volume content.

CallidusCloud is an industry leader in sales and marketing software to accelerate and maximize the lead to cash process. They offer a complete suite of solutions to help organizations make bigger deals faster. This is accomplished by identifying the right leads to follow-up on and enabling sales forces by helping to ensure that territory and quotas are properly distributed. Additionally, the software allows companies to automate their quotes and proposals and streamline sales compensations. More than 2,500 companies from a variety of industries use CallidusCloud to improve their lead to money processes. CallidusCloud is at Booth N2017.

CVent is a leader in the events and meetings industry, offering a proprietary, unique software platform that aids event planners, venues as well as attendees. The software platform Cvent provides is beneficial to organizations in organizing events, locating venues and membership management as well. In addition, CVent provides the means mobile event app creation, registration for online events, online surveys and meeting management programs. Currently, CVent has over 137,000 active system users in 100 countries that participate in the innovative means of event planning.

Data Hug is the creator of an innovative, cloud based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Intelligence software. It incorporates unique predictive analytics and relationship intelligence in order to build long-lasting relationships with customers. Recommended actions and communication scores are incorporated into every sales opportunity, lead, and account into your CRM. This assures a higher rate of sales and customer retention. Data Hug has assisted companies of all sizes and types from start-ups to big tech companies, venture capitalists, banks, accountants and even consultancy firms. Data Hug is at Dreamforce 2014 at Moscone West Booth # W939.

DemandBase is a real-time marketing platform that specializes in offering b2b marketing opportunities. It provides promoters with an array of innovative company- targeted display advertising options. The platform also provides website visitor engagement and conversion analytics. Attracting, engaging, measuring and converting accounts in real-time allows for consistent tracking of accounts including spending and revenue generation. DemandBase is at Dreamforce at North Moscone Booth #N2121.

FullCircle CRM was created to assist marketers in finding the answers needed to improve the results of marketing efforts, produce higher revenues, and plan for the future with utter confidence. FullCircle’s products are all compatible with the top solutions for marketing automation on the market today. By measuring details of campaigns, it assures accurate ROI measurements and a better understanding of how the campaign is working. FullCircle provides answers to marketing questions in one convenient place allowing marketers to see trends and grow revenue faster and more efficiently.

Gainsight is an industry leader in the Customer Success Management field. They provide solutions for organizations including software to processes, training and prioritization methods. Their objective is to groom the next generation of Customer Success Managers by giving them tools and information. Managers can attend the Customer Success University to gain an advantage for themselves and their businesses. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from Gainsight with regards to increasing revenues by using proven best practices, methodologies and playbooks. Gainsight will be at Moscone North booth #1007 during Dreamforce 2014.

Get Satisfaction is a customer engagement online platform that brings companies and customers together with the objective of building more value-packed relationships. Get Satisfaction serves companies of all sizes across a variety of industries to modernize customer support, speed up sales, increase brand differentiation and build better customer/company relationships. Get Satisfaction is the powerhouse behind thousands of active communities hosting millions of consumers every month. They can be found at DreamForce 2014, Moscone West Booth W836.

GoodData offers an open analytics platform that powers the All Data Enterprise platform to supports both IT’s and business users. Data Governance, security and oversight and self-service Data Discovery are their specialities. By consolodating data of all sizes including internal and cloud-based data, it creates a fast, agile analytic experience for all users in a managed, secure manner. Their motto is: with GoodData, people and teams win. They can be found at Dreamforce 2014 in Moscone West Hall, Booth 726.

Infer offers native integration for Salesforce, Eloqua and Marketo in addition to hundreds of other signals to learn more about customers and prospects. Information such as the size of the company, job openings and the social presence are all gathered. Statistical techniques that are used are similar to those used by Google and other consumer web pioneers. Building personalized, predictive models to identify the companies best potential customers in a seamless integration helps to solve problems fast. They will be at booths N1010 and W537 for Dreamforce 2014.

Influitive promotes the idea that a team of happy customer advocates that systematically support the campaigns of a company and refer genuine leads has the effect of driving sales and influencing product strategy. Offering advocate marketing programs that encourage new client referrals, they help organizations build strong advocate communities that help them to close more deals. AdvocateHub, Influitive’s advocate marketing software helps companies engage with their customers, partners and employees and keeps lines of communication open. Influitive will be in booth #2200 in Moscone North for Dreamforce 2014.

Lattice is the industry leader in predictive marketing and sales applications. Their innovative solutions help businesses accelerate their revenue growth and gain an edge over the competition. They provide solutions to improve both conversion and win rates for each stage of the revenue cycle. Offering data-driven business applications, they help companies market and sell their products in an intelligent, well-thought-out way. They serve a huge number of companies of all sizes in all industries. Lattice can be found in booth #N2208, Moscone North for Dreamforce 2014.

MicroStrategy is a worldwide provider of enterprise software platforms. Close to 4,000 companies in 20 industries use these flexible, powerful, scalable and user-friendly platforms for analytics, mobile, identity and to build brand loyalty. Both web and mobile services are available for companies to design and use reports. Services are offered either on premises or in the cloud. They dedicate more than 25% of their employees and close to $100M annually to R&D alone. Delivering a world-class customer experience that is simple, transparent, and empowering for everyone is their main objective.

MuleSoft provides the most widely used integration platform to connect SaaS and enterprise applications in the cloud and on-premise. The platform gives companies the ability to connect and transform their business. MuleSoft delivers a robust integration experience that eliminates both the pain and cost of point-to-point integration. This allows the New Enterprise to unify business processes across applications, data sources and APIs. They will be at Dreamforce 2014, booths N2024 & N2025.

On24 understands that customers and prospects are prone to self-educate throughout the buying process. With their webcasting capabilities, they assists companies in optimizing their marketing programs and campaigns by increasing lead values and accelerating prospects. This happens throughout the buying cycle—from lead to revenue. ON24 webinars work across the entire sales and marketing process, from driving consumer awareness to lead generation to lead nurturing, cross-selling and even up-selling.

QlikView works with big and small data through analytics tools. This company offers a collection of flexible and efficient data visualization and management applications. These products can be used to better understand data, create reports or organize data thanks to dashboards. Head over to the North Hall booth 1132 to meet the staff of QlikView.

Salesfusion helps B2B clients boost their sales thanks to quality automated marketing solutions. The tools offered by Salesfusion can be used to manage email marketing, find new leads, improve social marketing and even manage Google AdWords campaigns.

SpringCM offers cloud services and SalesForce integration tools. The cloud services offered by SpringCM allow you to store files, edit them, share them and keep them safe. The SalesForce integration tools make managing content and sharing it a lot easier. You will find SpringCM at the North Hall booth 1117.

SurveyMonkey allows you to create customized surveys and get answers quickly. The advanced features developed by SurveyMonkey give you the possibility to create surveys adapted to your needs and to reach out to the right target audience. You can then visualize your data in an efficient way thanks to quality analytics tools. Visit the SurveyMonkey booth at West Moscone 227.

Tableau Software offers advanced tools designed to better visualize and understand data. Communicating and analyzing insights is made easier thanks to classic analytics tools and more innovative features that are unique to Tableau Software, such as the ability to visualize and organize data thanks to a drag and drop tool. You can find Tableau Software at DreamForce at North Hall booth 2112 or by attending their three sessions as well as their table talk.

Velocify‘s mission is to drive up sales performances by providing their clients with the tools they need to close a higher number of deal in a shorter amount of time. Velocify accomplishes this goal thanks to quality sales automation software that includes features such as lead management, call handling via a cloud platform and plenty of insights. You can find Velocify at DreamForce by visiting North Hall booth 2029.

Yesware offers products geared towards email marketing. Software offered by Yesware includes features such as SalesForce and CRM integration, email tracking and analytics, productivity tools or click to call. Yesware’s mission is to provide you with a sales toolkit designed to help you manage your email marketing campaign and boost your conversion rate. You can find Yesware at Dreamforce by stopping at Moscone West booth 114. Look for their mascot around Moscone West and tweet a picture of it to enter a contest organized by Yesware!

Zoominfo has been in the lead generation business for over a decade. This company provides B2B clients with a comprehensive database of profiles for over 95 million business contacts. Zoominfo also provides its clients with a collection of database management tools as well as consulting services geared towards optimizing the management and use of data collected by businesses. You can find Zoominfo at Dreamforce at North Hall booth 2202.

Thanks to the BlogMutt writers for those descriptions, and I look forward to meeting at least these 24 companies at Dreamforce! – Scott

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