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We know that many small businesses just don’t have time to write their own blog posts. We’ve been proud to serve thousands of those businesses. Our pricing, that starts as low as $89/month, is affordable to most of those businesses, but not all.

So I went to my team and asked them to brainstorm some ideas that might make a blog writing service even more affordable for those businesses that can’t afford $89 to have U.S. writers create all-original posts for them every week.

And we figured it out!

What’s the idea? Simple. We leave out the vowels!


Why I didn’t think of this before, I’ll never know.Vowels-a-e-i-o-u-colorful-gummy-candiesVowels make up only 5/26ths of the alphabet, unless you count that two-timing letter, Y. But because there are vowels in every single word, eliminating them allows us to produce massive efficiencies in the flow of letters through our proprietary interface.

The bottom line for you: Now you can get one all-original post per week for the low low price of just $39 per month! You can be sure that this writing will be totally unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Just to show you what it will look like, this very post will be reproduced in our Value-Plus/Vowel-Minus form below.

We are testing this new service for now, but we are looking for beta customers. We will take customers from those who apply today, April 1, 2016. 

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nd w fgrd t t!

Wht’s th d: Smpl! W lv t th vwls!


Why  ddn’t thnk f ths bfr, ‘ll nvr knw.

Vwls mk p nly 5/26ths f th lphbt, nlss y cnt tht tw-tmng lttr, Y. Bt bcs thr r vwls n vry sngl wrd, lmntng thm llws s t prdc mssv ffcncs n th flw f lttrs thrgh r prprtry ntrfc.

Th bttm ln fr y: Nw y cn gt n ll-rgnl pst pr wk fr th lw lw prc f jst thrty-nn dllrs pr mnth! Y cn b sr tht ths wrtng wll b ttlly nlk nythng y’v vr sn bfr.

Jst t shw y wht t wll lk lk, ths vry pst wll b rprdcd bfr n r Vl-Pls/Vwl-Mns frm blw.

W r tstng ths nw srvc fr nw, bt w r lkng fr bt cstmrs. W wll tk cstmrs frm ths wh pply tdy, prl 1, 2016. 


This post was written, as well as any other posts with the author "Verblio," by one of our 3,000+ U.S.-based writers who write for thousands of clients monthly, across 38 different industries. Only the top 4% of writers who apply with Verblio get accepted, so our standards for writers (and content) are high.

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